December 21, 2011

Doodle day!

You see, I've been very busy with my acads and extra-curricular that I haven't been holding my pen and paper anymore, however, today is different. Finally, I had an alibi to draw and just "waste" my time and not mind thesis and all that. CHOS! HAHAHAHA (feeling artista, busy busyhan) 
Ain't we adorbs?

Anyway, my sister and I were so bored this afternoon and we chanced upon Miss Sab's blogpost which is a doodling contest. Eureka! We decided to join, well mostly to do something fun! Yay!
Hihi, at last we're done, sadly puro flash lang yung kita. HOHOHO
My entry:
Click to enlarge
My sister's entry:
Click to enlarge
HAHAHA I really miss times where I could just spend the afternoon drawing and imagining things that may not even be possible in the first place. I had fun and I know my sister did too :)) So thanks for the opportunity Miss Sab, your contest was my excuse to draw, and (be) with my sister at that. Yay!

December 20, 2011


The past is there to serve as guiding knowledge, not some mandate that we should repeat or avoid. With that, let me take a look at my very first post which was my new year's resolution for 2011. How far was I able to go to achieve my goals?

1. Gained some weight?
Unfortunately, my weight is still the same but I think I can gain weight before new year, although, that would be meaningless since I think I won't be able to maintain it.

2. Fully paid my laptop?
Yeah! I finished it around June or July of 2011. I was so happy; I felt that a needle was taken from my heart. Oh btw, I sold that laptop already and bought a Vaio S VPCS137

3. Cosplayed at least 5 characters?
Eeep, as I said before, I got broke and busy along the way so I was able to cosplay only 2 characters: HongKong of Hetalia and Luigi of SuperMario brothers.

4. Went to at least 2 places I've never been?
Yay! That would be (a) Morong, Bataan with my friends, (b) Mt. Banahaw with my PI100 classmates, and (c) Davao with es bitses. It was a blast! I'll be back :)

5. Got a driver's license?
So where should I take you? hihi

6. Lived life to the fullest?
Absolutely! This year, I learned a lot of new things but not as much as last year's in terms of IQ. Nonetheless, I'd say that the emotional and social roller coaster that I've been through really helped me mature.

People would do a lot of things for their loved ones. I always believed that people could do everything for the good of their loved ones but I guess it doesn't work that way. People get tired and they give up (unless you're a toy like Woody or a ninja like Naruto, GYAHAHA) and no one, absolutely NO ONE is allowed to tell these people that it wasn't love.

Getting a 4 out of 6? Not bad, eh? Not bad. Hey! I had very good reasons for the 2nd goal that I failed. Thank you 2011 and the people who made it count. Let's rock 2012, shall we? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 7, 2011

The Bataan Break

Morong, Bataan is quite famous for their white coral beach resorts and I could very well see why. The place is really good. Unlike Boracay and Puerto Galera which are overly populated, Bataan is still a virgin known and visited by few. If you just want to relax and be dorky with your friends, then you should definitely visit a place like this.  No crowd, no celebs, just you, the sun, the sand, and the beach.
Look at how clean and "barren" the place was
I swear there were no crowd around, just us and the other group from the resort

Honestly, when I heard that we were off to Bataan, I thought of NPA danger and nuclear weapon. HAHA, forgive my uninformed self. Anyway, far from that expectation of danger, the place was so peaceful! With only our bonfire and midnight karaoke mayhem to ruin that peace.

The ritual to open Jumanji, LOLjk
Smores and booze with <3

October 30, 2011

A Night of Mischief: JMA UPM's Halloween party

Hi everyone! Junior Marketing Association UP Manila invites you to A Night of Mischief at Patio de Manila on November 3, 2011 from 8pm - 4am. This is UP Manila's first University-wide Halloween party that is open for all. Of course, free-flowing drinks for everyone!

Tickets sold at 250php. PM me for inquiries. Thanks!

October 18, 2011

Of curls and bangs

Why does Goldilocks get to have bangs? I mean, come on! she got that super kinky hair, yet she can keep her bangs and not be ridiculed? GYAHAHA, sorry that's just me being bitter and bored with my hair. Well, you can't blame me. I have a very curly hair and I can't do much with it, either it's tied up or let loose (very seldom though, it's a disaster if the wind suddenly decided to blow on my hair).

However, recently, I had the urge to do something with my hair, either I get an undercut or I get bangs. I asked all my friends about it, and all of them frown upon the idea. They all thought that it would be hideous and I would just regret doing it (especially due to the fact that our graduation photoshoot is just around the corner, teehee!) BUT no, GYAHAHA, I'mma do what I want!

So yeah, I got a layered haircut with bangs :D It was a good thing that the hairdresser didn't argue with what I wanted. 

Yay! so this is now how I look !
The bangs when it is blow dried only

October 9, 2011

Introducing iMak: now, it’s personal

No guys, I am NOT, in any way, trying to insult the invention of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Well, this post will not be about him, at the very least. If you remember, the morning that Steve Jobs's death was announced to the public, an internet photo spread like wildfire.
The design symbolizes the missing piece, yet the lingering spirit of Mr. Jobs on apple

October 2, 2011

The day I was judged.

Rumors has it that sinners won't be able to get out of the cave. 
I was sure that once, twice, thrice, heck many times, I've sinned. I got out without scrapes, but that cave really is something.


I am not exaggerating when I say that my trip to Mt. Banahaw is my most fulfilling trip yet. It wasn't my first time to tread mountains since I was a girl scout back in grade school and high school. However it was my first time to go inside a cave.

Mae, Artem, Jen, Josh, Me, Marga, and Bea

The Indolence of the Filipinos

Who is Rizal?

To generalize that Filipinos are indolent, I thought, this is truly an arrogant man, this Rizal. However, I cannot let this prejudice pass without basis so I continued to read the essay. He alleged that Filipinos of his time are indolent, but indolence, as he described is not laziness, rather not enough love or even the non-existence of love for one's work. He pursued by saying that this very same indolence is not brought about by Filipinos themselves. In fact, he argued that it was the fault of the Spaniards. The establishment of the Galleon trade that cut off ties with other countries which lead to the death of many small handicraft businesses, the implementation of forced labor, the crooked education system which taught prayers instead of livelihood practices and agriculture, the rampant gambling and corruption, and the big tax that ate the Filipinos' wages, these were the causes of indolence among Filipinos, these practices that were brought about by the conquerors' race.

Interestingly enough, Rizal mentioned climate as a factor that contributed to the folks' laziness. He stated that being in a tropical country ate up most of our energy, unlike in temperate climate where it's not so exhausting to work. He even made a comparison that a day's work in Europe would be considered as just an hour work in the Philippines. This assertion reminded me of the theory of suicide which stated that more people commit suicide in colder countries, but that's another story. Anyway, I would have to disagree with Rizal, it may seem that climate was a factor but I believe that the Filipinos are much more complex than that, especially he himself have already stated that Filipinos were not indolent before the Spaniards came, and I'd bet my life on it that the Philippines is already a tropical country before the Spaniards came. This means that climate was not an issue, but of course, this is just my belief.
The indolence of Filipinos today
If you ask me whether the Filipinos of today are lazy, I will disagree with passion. Yes, most of the youth and corrupt officials may be called lazy, but these do not even make the millions of hardworking Filipinos who are trying to survive this rotten economy. The Philippines is in such a poor state, so poor that someone from the masses cannot afford to be lazy, else, they'd cease to exist.

courtesy of 

The conditions that were present during the Spanish regime are still very present and alive today, plaguing our society. Thus, these common people may lose their love and dedication for work, but who am I to say that? An arrogant person trying to contextualize people into analysis and judgment? No. I would not be bold enough to box people into such assumptions. Still , I can very well say that things are harder for the masses, and when things are harder, not everyone is tough enough to continue. Some will give up along the way.

My only wish is that they pause and rest, but continue to strike back. People are genuinely trying their best to survive, maybe some have twisted and unconventional methods, but everyone is trying. For the right or wrong reasons, everyone is trying to survive. For that alone, I have no right to judge them as indolent, not me, and not Rizal.

Read Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal. It is awesome! 

September 7, 2011

Parental Guidance is advised

This isn't porn but Parental Guidance is advised

GYAHAHAHA forgive a crammed work :)) I'm a communications student not a film student or something, hihi (so may disclaimer pa, GYAHAHAHA)

August 24, 2011

Think your bones are strong huh?

Last Monday, there was an Anlene booth in our University and they were offering free bone scanning, free milk taste, and buy 1 take 1 milks. I got excited because I for  one is an anlene drinker who has never had my bone scanned :)) I thought that it would be like MRI (I've never tried that too, HAHA I'm not really the health conscious type) but to my surprise, it's more like a BP test. The difference is that instead of your arm, your feet/ankle would be needed.

Here's how the bone scanner works
As you can see, you'll just put your foot in the scanner and some kind of pump beside your ankle will tighten. Then in 1-2 minutes, it will show some image on the screen and it's finished! See, I have a low risk of getting osteoporosis because my bones are healthy, hihi :))

Almost everyone in my circle of friends (who tried it before I do) got low risk too. That actually intimidated me, what if I'm a deviant and I get a moderate to high risk result. GYAHAHA that made me a little worried :)

Mara, Me, Jackie, Rz, challenge accepted!
Yay! We're all healthy! Thanks to Junior Marketing Association-University of the Philippines Manila (JMA UPM) for bringing the Anlene's Bone Health Check to our campus. Hihi, the chocolate flavored milk was tasty :)

August 23, 2011

Pulis Patola (Unbecoming of a police officer)

Around 7:30am, a police officer stopped the public jeep that I was riding, the driver apologetically asked what was wrong, the officer answered with "you drive too slow". Really, Mr. police, that's the best you can do? The officer took the driver's license and told him to go right, the driver asked again if he was supposed to go right, because the "typically prescribed" way is the left one. The policeman reaffirmed it and told the driver that he goes right.

The driver then obediently followed and went right instead, but not more than 5 minutes have passed, there was another police officer who pulled him over. This 2nd police officer was reprimanding him for going the wrong way. The driver tried to explain that another policed officer told him to do so but he didn't believe. It was infuriating! He was implying "something" to the driver to let him off the hook.
Sige, gatasan niyo pa ang mga mamayan nating naghahanapbuhay

July 31, 2011

Epic Incubus Live in Manila

If I'm gonna be impregnated, I swear to whoever, let it be Incubus (Brandon Boyd to be exact) but that's just me fangirling. If I'm not mistaken, this is only the 3rd time of Incubus to perform here in the Philippines (at least during my lifetime) and I do not have the money to watch the first and 2nd one. Actually I still don't have the money now that's why I could only afford the Upper B ticket. To make matters worse, we were late and it was already a full house when we arrived. This forced us to just stay at the back and stand. I was like, okay this is not a good start.

Then here comes Franco band for front act. I was like, OHMYGOD FRANCO!!! I took out my camera, only to find out that the camera that I've brought  has no zooming capabilities. I was like, DEYM!!! this is not happening. 

Then the dome was pitch black and the crowd was acting up and then the light's back, I can see Brandon Boyd. I can see him and not just on the screen! and they sang megalomaniac adfghdskljdksdjs. I was so happy, it was all so surreal. To see them singing megalomaniac live, to feel the vibration of music around me, oh boy I tell you, just listening to them sing live is enough to make me 

I swear Brandon Boyd is the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on and I'm sure the crowd would agree, because that crowd was the loudest one that I've been with for as long as I can remember, and I didn't even mind. His voice? ASTOUNDING! It was funny because he always say thank you after every song and there was this part when he shouted, yahoo- or something to that effect, I was very much pleased when he did that

It was really awesome guys, at first I was shouting and jumping and singing, then came a point when all I could do was be still in awe. I swear tears run down my face....
Here is a 15 minute summary of what transpired in the big dome last July 28, 2011 during Incubus' concert entitled "If not now, when" 

July 30, 2011

Attention is given but what is needed?

Just recently, I saw this man again.
He isn't a beggar but he sits in the dirty sidewalk of Faura,
He holds a poster with poorly constructed English sentences.
He has a water container covering his head and he looks sad.
He doesn't understand me and I don't understand him either.

click image to enlarge
I wanted to know what to do with him, but I just don't understand what he wants and the longer he stays there, and the longer I think, the more cynical I become.

Define embarrassing in class

I have Saturday classes, but I have not been attending for about a month
because of other things.

Today, I decided to go to class although I forgot what time my class was.
I emailed my classmate and asked her, she seemed to have taken a liking in 
making fun of me first before answering my question. :)) Good thing we're close

It turned out that my class starts at 10, I was always late so I thought of breaking
that habit today. It was a success because I came in by 10:05 AM, it's actually
early compared to my usual habit during Saturday classes. I was really proud of myself. 
(insert a very wide grin here)

Our professor finished checking the attendance; I wasn't called. I raised my hand
and told him that I wasn't called. He was perplexed then he asked for my surname.
I told him.

His hand, her skirt, was it rape?

My friend told me this story that she experienced
while on a bus ride on her way home.
She seem bothered for some unknown reason. From the corner of my eye, I can see her legs move. Well at first, it didn't matter. 
I looked in the mirror in front of us, then I saw it.The man beside her had his hand on her skirt.I was shocked and scared
I looked again just to be sure, and yes I was right, whenever his arm moves, the girl's legs moved as well. 
There was no blatant reaction from the girl,she was just looking outside the window.I wanted to help her, but I didn't know how.
I ended up doing nothing. 
Nothing, until both of them have left the bus together.
The man was around mid thirties, the girl, still in her uniform must have been a sixth grader or a freshman high school... every neurons in my brain told me to do something...but what? but how?

July 25, 2011

Victimized by Dura dura gang

Please don't text me yet. I regret to say this but I was victimized by the Dura-dura gang while on my way home today.

The modus:

1. Someone who looks sick/drunk will sit beside or near you and will spit out in the window. But you are actually the target of that freaking saliva.

2. The people beside you and in front of you will make a fuss about it and you will be grossed out too (well I was freaking out, there was phlegm). They will try to suggest that you put your phone inside your bag if you are currently holding it- and so I did (panic took over, eee)

3. The drunk/sick person will leave and while you're busy cleaning yourself, the person beside you will try to make you go down to have you clean yourself (I didn't, I didn't think that it was practical in all angles)
Snatcher A: Miss, baba ka muna kadiri eh, makihugas ka muna dun
Me: Ayoko nga
Snatcher AMiss, kadiri ka naman, wag ka na manghinayang sa pamasahe mo
Me: Hindi naman ho ako nanghihinayang eh tinatamad ako
Snatcher A: Bakit ka tinatamad, kababae mong tao, tamad ka, paano pag nagasawa ka na? sasabihin mo tinatamad ka? e dugyot ka pala e
Me: ay ganon talaga? PUTA, EH KUNG NANDIDIRI KA, EH DI IKAW YUNG BUMABA! (I was furious)
Snatcher A: Talaga! kadiri ka eh, manong para nga sa tabi
That was when I thought that something was amiss, then I noticed that my bag was opened and that my phone was gone so I made a commotion and actually asked them to give my phone back. That was when I knew that I had nobody to count on in that jeepney because the guy beside me threatened me with a knife so I looked around for help. Unfortunately, they ganged up on me, everyone.

July 20, 2011

More than a pinky swear

I am a communications student that is involved in corporate studies, organizational communication major to be exact. So, expect that I don't joke without citations nor close a deal with just a pinky swear (because unless we're Yakuza, the pinky is always spared) and today, more than a pinky swear, more than a handshake, a memorandum of agreement was made.hihi

While in the library, my friend and I were talking about the movie Three Idiots (must watch!) and the promise (in the movie) that they should meet after 5 years and compare their social statuses. But of course, we're not like that, so instead, we promised that we should put up a business together before we turn 27. The business is not specified but we initially planned it to be a bar (Please visit us someday =D) HAHAHAH but, my good friend here wasn't satisfied with our verbal contract so I made a MOA (click photo to enlarge)

A deal has been made

July 9, 2011

If not now, when?

courtesy of
courtesy of

Varekai or Incubus live? I was torn between 2 magnificent events happening in Manila this July. I can only afford one and based on the title, I assume you already know which of the two I chose. Yep, Incubus Live. As my friend advised, you can watch something like Varekai someday but with Incubus, you'll never know when they might disband or retire. She's right. To be honest, I don't know cirque du soleil before the promotions, I was just drawn to the colors and the idea of a circus (I've never seen a "real" one). Incubus is different, I've grown a certain amount of attachment to them :")

June 20, 2011

Must try: MassKara

No, I didn't commit any spelling errors on the title because I was pertaining to the MassKara Festival of Bacolod, Philippines. MassKara Festival was coined from the terms Mass (meaning many) and Kara (meaning face) hence "many faces".

Yes I could just ride the train during rush hour and see many faces and poof, MassKara festival, right? Wrong. This festival is much more than that or so they say, I've never really witnessed the festival firsthand but I have read a lot about it.

Image courtesy of

First, people wear smiling masks and parade the streets. Everything appear colorful and jolly and lively and I also imagine it to be really noisy. Then there are activities like drinking, street dancing, eating, pig catching, pole climbing, beauty pageant, mask making, coconut milk drinking and I guess other things that google forgot to mention but the main point is that it's fun - like Disney, but more cultural. 

June 19, 2011

A night and a half in Davao

Davao is very popular for its durian fruit and Mt. Apo. Unfortunately, this blog post has nothing to do with it because (1) it's not the season for durian yet (2) I was unable to visit Mt. Apo.

But there's no need to despair since Davao obviously has a lot more to offer than those, so here goes my one and a half day stay in Davao

1. TRANSPOrmers (Amazing means of public transport)
A. Trikyjeep - I call it a trikyjeep because surely it can't be a tricycle- it's like saying that Garfield is a rabbit and of course I would contest to that, but really, you can't fool me, THAT is NOT a tricyle GYAHAHAH It's more like a jeep with 3 wheels, hence trikyjeep. 

B. Motorcyles/ Habal habal - The idea of motorcycles as a means of public transport is genius, you can just wear your shades, and grin like a boss. Besides, it can go up and down the hills without much problem. Although, I have been wondering how the 4 of us (including the driver and our luggage) fitted in that puny-looking vehicle.  

Unfortunately, my beloved Manila is not yet ready for this kind of public transport.

C. Barge- Headed for Samal island, we rode a bus which was transported thru a barge. Well, nothing felt magical or so (GYAHAHA not that I wanted it to be magical) but the idea of being transported via barge is still amazing for me. It's like transpoception or something (OKAY FINE, I'M WEIRD =D)

2. Maxima Resort, Samal 

June 15, 2011

Why I wanted to take up Law

There were two things that I wanted to pursue, first was to be an animator and the second was to be a lawyer. Being an animator seemed like a logical career path back in my elementary days; everyone liked my drawings and I like anime.

However, I was mentally pushing myself to be greater and become a lawyer. It was only during my first year in college that I changed my mind. Everything had to do with my brother. Back then, I wanted to be a lawyer because I was so sure that my brother would be convicted for something someday and I wanted to make sure that I'll win the case to our favor. GYAHAHAHA I know I was such a bitch kid for thinking something like that but I was so sure. 

Now, my brother just graduated from college, not with a law degree but a degree in criminology. At least now, I don't have to think that much about him being convicted (Well, I hope so, eeeep)

Congratulations on your graduation Kuya!

Not my boss(es)

My peers and I were having a conversation about our internship which led to talks about our bosses. They were babbling on how much of a jerk their bosses were.

Well, not my boss(es)
On the contrary, they are the most amazing people I've met this summer, most definitely (excluding the 'manong' motorcycle driver that we rode on back in Davao- but that's another story).

Actually I only have one boss but since I was an intern, I put myself on the bottom of the hierarchy and consider everyone as my boss, so here they are:

To be honest, I am more of an integrated marketing/advertising/PR/events organizing/editorial/ entrepreneur person so I am not that jumpy into being an HR intern but I wanted to try it just to make sure that I am not killing any opportunities prematurely. So yeah, my second internship was in the HR division, career management to be exact, and then I met these wonderful people:

May 29, 2011

Not just death, but murder

Today is the birthday of my former loyal student from my previous tutoring job. I was gonna greet him on facebook but being the stalker that I am, I scrolled down and saw posts like I'll miss you and you'll always be remembered instead of the expected "Happy Birthday!"

I was heartbroken. He was dead; no he was murdered. He was always one of my favorite students.

I tried to look for the reason for his murder but I can't seem to find it. I never really thought that murder, or even death would touch people that I somehow knew and liked. I always thought of it as a distant notion that only happen on news tv, not in my immediate environment, not to people I've made memories with, not with my students, not at all.

I was supposed to be his english tutor but instead, he was actually the one teaching me about finance and CSR. He didn't need an english tutor anyway, he just wanted to practice conversing with different people. He was always very nice to me.

Why do people murder? It's so sad. It only breeds hatred and sadness. What is this, I can't even...I cannot understand.

I wish that there is an internet in heaven or wherever he may be so that he could read all those messages and love that people are sending him. Rest in peace.

May 18, 2011

My Childhood

As I was cleaning my closet, I saw ants lining up in my clothes, and then I remembered something.

When I was a lot younger, I liked to play doctor, but I was... a bit different. I would "partially kill" ants, then "heal" them by placing them on a tissue paper and pouring them alcohol.

I thought that alcohol would fix everything.

Eeeep, I think I am a better person now. HAHAHA

Trying hard,

May 5, 2011

My mum is a virgin

My mom gave me a white envelope containing some crumpled paper. I asked her what it was, she said 'USB flash drive'. I opened it and true enough, it was. I then asked her why it was covered in paper and envelope. Her reply?

"Well, we wouldn't want it catching up a virus, do we?"

AFGHSKSHDKLASH my mum was serious, Of course, I told her that computer virus isn't air-borne, she said she believes me but then she said that "You could never be too careful" GYAHAHAHAHA

Oh mother, what do I do with you. GYAHAHAH
Still, I love her. She's such a tech-virgin. Actually my parents are both tech-virgins but for now:

Happy mother's day mum!
Well, she won't be able to read this anyway. Geez, I need to think of a mother's day gift now.

Happy mum's day to all the mums out there!

April 26, 2011

Fat Food Mania

Random photo from the internet
You're guilty of it,
And I am also.

Most, if not all eat at fast foods nowadays, well who wouldn't? I am sure that girls would go crazy for that twister fries of McDonalds, or what have you.

Anyway, fast foods include a heck lot of things like processed meats, street foods, frozen foods, canned goods, instant noodles and of course our usual notion of fast foods, the one that you can buy at any QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) which is what I'll discuss.

Let's deal with our fast food addiction by being logical (so we need to examine why we always come back wanting for more)

Why the irresistible pull?

1. Convenience and Affordability- Living in this fast paced world, we want everything fast so that we could continue with our game, whatever that game is. Aside from that, we must admit that it is cheap, especially if one is living alone.

2.Great PR/Advertising- With the power of today's ad agencies, you would even think that toilet papers

Pharmaceutical Companies: Health or Wealth

Pharmaceutical Companies:  We have wealth issues to solve, take your health issues with you.
(repost from my previous blog)

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications.  Pharmaceutical companies can deal in generic and/or brand medications. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and marketing of drugs (Wikipedia, 2010).

 From this definition alone, these companies should have the heart to help people who are in need of medication, they should deliver medicines that will promote the best interest of the majority, and that best interest I would argue should be health.

Of course, this industry is very much profit oriented and a capitalist from every angle I look at, and that can't be helped. Money still makes the corporate world go round after all, but to hamper and drag down others movements that can help more people grab health opportunities is just sick and twisted. Running a business at the expense of other peoples lives deteriorates humanity. 

"There is a direct conflict between the pursuit of health and the pursuit of wealth"
 -J.W. Smith, The Worlds Wasted Wealth 2, (Institute for Economic Democracy, 1994), p. 82.

The Pursuit of Wealth

1.Its not the world's property, you know? (Patents)

"Intellectual property differs from other property, restricting its use is inefficient as it costs nothing for another person to use it. Using knowledge to help someone does not prevent that knowledge from helping others. Intellectual property rights, however, enable one person or company to have exclusive control of the use of a particular piece of knowledge, thereby creating monopoly power. Monopolies distort the economy. Restricting the use of medical knowledge not only affects economic efficiency, but also life itself. We tolerate such restrictions in the belief that they might

Uncovering social intelligence

Social Intelligence: The Revolutionary New Science of Human Relationships (repost from my previous microsite)

Random photo from the internet

About the Author
Daniel Goleman is an author, psychologist, science journalist and an individual whom the overall persona cannot be captured in a written biography alone. He was born in Stockton, California on March 7, 1946, the leading tip of the tidal wave post-war baby boomers (Goleman, 2006). His parents were college professors of humanities and sociology so he thought of being one as well, but writing appealed to him so much that he became a science journalist for New York Times for twelve years. He's very interested with researches on emotions and the brain that he decided to write a book, and so Emotional Intelligence came to be. It was so successful that he had less and less time for writing in the Times, that's why he left the paper and devoted his efforts to the message of the book. His other works include Working with Emotional Intelligence, Harvard Business Review on What Makes a Leader, Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence, Destructive Emotions, Social Intelligence and Ecological Intelligence. He continues to write in Massachusetts where his wife Tara and he live (Goleman, 2006).


Random photo from the internet

Our brains are wired to connect with other peoples brain, thats why we continue to react and interact with them. When someone shouts in an angry voice, we tend to react in an angry manner too but if someone smiles at us, we tend to smile back at them. This is because emotions and actions are contagious, and we have to learn how to give off positive emotions and actions so as to positively affect our world. We have to keep in mind that whatever happens, we cannot not communicate. If that is the case then, lets communicate a positive aura.

Knowing how to effectively empathize with other people is a measure of Social Intelligence. In this modern world where being absorbed with our work and neglecting the people around us have become the norms, we have to learn to fix our interpersonal relationships, to treat people as a "you" and not just an "it". Being too self centered kills empathy, when one is too absorbed with himself/herself, s/he fails to focus on other people, with this lack of attention, empathy doesn't stand a chance. Whenever we disregard the feelings and thoughts of someone, we are treating that someone as an it. When physicians see patients as only patients, and not human beings

April 21, 2011

Not Asking For It

I'm sure you've already encountered a lady in skirt who's going up through an escalator, or going down through a transparent glass elevator, and if you happen to be at the angle where her leg area can be seen, nice place!

Well, anyway, that happened to me, except I was the one wearing skirt. Tuesday morning, out for work- OJT rather, I was off to my office, 24th floor, the enterprise center building. I was on the escalator- going up. I was looking down and I noticed that a young guy was busy staring at my skirt- hasn't even noticed I was looking at him. I was wearing denim shorts underneath because I plan to tuck in the dress after work and just be on shorts, but I guess he didn't know that.

So I let him knew GYAHAHAHA

I abruptly pulled up my dress and looked at him. The expression on his face, priceless. He looked away immediately and went down the escalator that was going up.

Image from lookbook advertisement- I guess :))

What I did may not be civilized but so was his actions.
He was wearing a nice corporate outfit- very gentleman looking.

Now people, I'm telling you- don't tell us ladies how to dress, tell men not to be such perverts.

Society have been munching this bullshit that style and fashion is just another term for slutty, and that women who get raped are asking for it. Enough with that close-minded reasoning because there's nothing wrong with mini skirts or whatever. It's those dirty minds that are wrong.

April 5, 2011

Did you even try to look at them?

I walk pass them every single day.
I tell myself, 'well, I can't help everyone in the world'
But then again, "myself" replies 'but this is one person I could'

It's so hard to care when you're already comfortable, but it's quite alarming when you're already comfortable with their reality.

April 3, 2011

Beer goggles revealed

Do you remember that thirsty Thursday night when he suddenly looked more handsome than he could ever get? What about that night when you thought that 'You're the man' for taking her home, only to scream 'You're a man!' after waking up. If you do, then there's no mistaking, you must be wearing your beer goggles that time.

Beer goggles effect is the phenomenon when people around you suddenly looks more attractive than before you were drunk. Yes, our perception of attractiveness gets affected by alcohol- so they say. Different researches explains different theories.

First is that, alcohol stimulates a part of our brain(nucleus accumbens) that is responsible for deciding how attractive an individual is. The more stimulated that part of the brain is, the more attractive others become (as suggested by your brain). 

The second explanation talks about symmetry. Scientists say that our discernment of attractiveness depends on symmetry. That is the more symmetrical the features of a person is, the more attractive he/she is. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when we're drunk, our ability to judge symmetry gets distorted so we tend to think that everyone has symmetrical features, thus thinking that they're more attractive. 

Despite that, scientist argued that men's ability to judge someone's age isn't affected by alcohol so that shouldn't hamper in cases against men having sex with minors. Also, they found that women are more affected by this phenomenon, for reasons I don't know.

So how was last night? =D

April 2, 2011

I love my batch mates, who wouldn't?

It was the last day before the deadline of a significant requirement. If I fail to submit it, I'd surely be a year delayed for graduation. But it wasn't a big deal for me, not for me who hasn't got a decent sleep in 23438429 years.
'Twas almost midnight and I was losing my sanity; I wasn't in the mood and I seriously wanted to sleep. I didn't care anymore if I don't graduate on time. Well, so what? Two of my closest friends aren't also. With that in mind, I texted my mom:
Me: Ma, what if I don't graduate on time?
Ma: it's okay.
That being her reply, I didn't care about the requirement anymore. I posted a status in my facebook hinting that I plan to just be delayed for graduation rather than finish the requirement. Then I just slept.

I woke up around 8 am, It was my longest sleep since 23438429 years ago. I needed that to refresh and replenish all of my sanity; and so it did. 

I was in my rightest mind and it was telling me that I want to graduate on time. I don't wanna be delayed. With that, I opened my facebook and looked for updates regarding the assignment. More than updates, I found encouraging words from my batch mates telling me that I could do it and that I should do it. Some, even threatening me to do it. Huhu really sweet you guys :")
With those words? Of course I did it ;)

My batch mates are amazing and I love them, They are the people who make 'those' moments count.

For last (last) night, thank you.
  • KL, Luigi, Isa, Maine, Kye, Vistal, Randell, Rz- for replying to my messages- thanks!
  • Erica, Migs, Luigi, Bea- whether or not your purpose was to encourage me, I was encouraged, so thanks! GYAHAHAHA
  • Belli, for buying my envelope and clip :)) GYAHAHA thanks!
There'll be more moments to make with you guys, Let's graduate, okay? 
  1. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria comforted me because my father was hospitalized
  2. That moment when Artem, Jelly and V offered unsolicited pieces of advice because I ran away from home
  3. That moment when Jared bought my medicine because I was sick
  4. That moment when Ruth bought my food because I was sick
  5. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria cut classes with me because it was a boring class and yeah, it's boring.
  6. That moment when Jelly, Artem and V went to my place to help me study for Math 11, but THEY watched porn instead (wtf)
  7. That moment when Janel lent me her tripod because I was so frustrated looking for one
  8. That moment when Rz and V continuously encouraged me during my first (and last) hosting break
  9. That moment when Dien comforted me because I thought I failed stat exam
  10. Those moments with my batch mates that I didn't include here but still mean a lot to me, you guys are all awesome. For that alone, thank you.

March 8, 2011

The Macho and the single ladies

Upon going home I rode a public jeepney. The driver turned on the radio, and the Beyonce song was on...He may have turned the volume to the maximum level because, I had a hard time hearing my own thoughts- seriously. 

I don't know if I was on drugs or what but I saw John Cena rode in. LOLjk no, but he has a body like John Cena's. I imagined that if I ripped his shirt apart, there'd be guns and knives underneath, and he'd kill me for ripping his damn shirt- not that I randomly rip people's shirts off. But really, he looks terrifying...

courtesy of

I got scared for myself and the other passengers, I was looking at him and thinking to myself 'oh man, this is great, this guy will announce holdup and he will rob my new cellphone (oh yeah, I got a  new one!)

GYAHAHAHAHA forgive my thoughts, I haven't had much sleep since last week. Because of that crazy idea, I was looking at the guy intently, planning my moves, thinking of what if's and whatnot. I was paranoid and freaked out, until the guy sing in chorus with the radio music.

"All the single ladies, All the single ladies
Now put your hands up.. oh oh oh. oh ooh oooh"

Bingo we're safe! GYAHAHAHA

February 23, 2011

How to get a driver's license in the Philippines

I just got my non professional driver's license from LTO. I thought that it would be such a hassle but not really. Even so, you have to be there for the whole day, unless you're one of the firsts in line.

To bring: 
1. student driver permit (at least one month old)
2. the receipt for that permit
3. ballpen, money and patience

To do:

1. Get an application form in the 'information window' and answer it

2. Line up in the medical testing area (you have to pay 100php or so, they'll just get your height, weight and eyesight; You have to give them your student permit and the the receipt for that.

3. Make sure the physician attached something like a medical certificate in your application form, they'll also attach your student permit and the receipt

4. Pass your application form (with the attached med cert and student permit) to the drug testing area, pay 300php or something- I forgot how much exactly; wait for your name to be called.

5. When you're name is called, they'll ask for a urine sample.

6.  Upon getting a negative result in the drug test, you'll get the application form along with the drug test and med cert, line up in window 4 (or somewhere, just read the instructions posted)

7. Wait for your name to get called (while waiting, you could ask for a copy of reviewer from the LTO officers in the testing area, and review) and then you'll have your photo and signature taken, then wait for your name to get called again.

8. When you get called, you're in for the written examination, pass that exam. The written exam is not difficult, you need to get 30/40 to pass, some of the answers are already posted in the testing area, and you're allowed to look (these are just traffic signs) :))

9. After passing the exam, you're in for the practical examination. You can tell them that you have your own vehicle or you could use theirs (you have to pay if you use theirs)

10. Just drive the car; 2 rounds (the place is just an empty lot with an oval driveway)

11. If you pass the exam, wait for your name to get called and you now have your driver's license! Yippee!

You're in for a lot of waiting-for-your-name-to-get-called :)) I actually memorized some names of the people being called.

Tick-tock (tick-tock)

I haven't been posting here since February started; don't worry guys, I'm not dead yet, just really busy. My average sleeping time for the past few weeks have gone down to teeny 3 hours - if I'm allowed to sleep at all. GYAHAHAHA, again, don't worry I'm not gonna rant here. This month is making me grow up exponentially. I am forced to learn and undergo new things in life- which is very exciting, fulfilling and tiring at the same time. I am also forced to become true friends with caffeine, energy drinks and 'determination to resist sleeping.

So what happened Arlet?

1. Making video clips

Okay so I'm taking Audio-visual communication this semester and it's so fun because we always get to make 5 minute clips or whatever. Yes, it's only for 5 minutes but the making of it is more than 24 hours including conceptualization, shooting and editing (especially if you're not allowed to shoot in the place that you have chosen) besides that, my teammates and I have different schedule so it's difficult to set a time for us to meet.

Here is a link for what we have made:

2. Cosplay Photoshoot

Sure this is not a school requirement or anything, but this is my hobby- I'll make room for it, even if that means I have to cut on my sleeping, eating and even my shower time.

Here is a sample photo from the shoot:

For the other photos from the shoot, here is the link: Hetalia Cosplay photoshoot

3. I was having driving lessons (got my driver's license already! YAY!- will post a separate blog on that)

4. I am tutoring again :)) but not always, just when I feel like I have the time.

5. JOBHUNTING! (internship actually, but, I feel like it is job hunting already)

This is actually the highlight of the first half of February, everyone in my batch is applying for companies that they'd like to work for as an intern. Well what I did was to collaborate with my friends. First, we scavenged the internet to look for our prospected companies. Then we called them and asked if they accept interns or if they have any internship programs.

Sample conversation with different companies:

Me: Hi, I'm Arlet from (blah blah blah) do you accept undergraduate interns?
HR: We will find out
Me: ... Ah okay, thanks!

Me: Hi, I'm Arlet from (blah blah blah) do you accept undergraduate interns?
HR: Ah wait, I'll ask my supervisor... 
BEEP BEEP BEEP, line busy (pwede naman kasing sabihin na hindi diba?, babaan daw ba ako?!!) THIS HAPPENED THRICE, why do you do that professionals?

I finished paying for my laptop, so no more credit card balance for me, YAY! and I just learned how to use photoshop, audacity and movie maker (will be studying how to use premiere elements and illustrator) How cool is this month. 

Learn. Live. Love. Laugh!

What is good government to me?

Twenty-five years ago, the People Power revolution not only marked the end of the Marcos dictatorship and the restoration of our democracy, it also meant the beginning of a search for what truly constitutes good government. 

Indeed, the first official act of President Corazon Aquino was the creation of the Presidential Commission on Good Government which was tasked to, among other things, adopt safeguards and institute adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption. (PCGG, 2011)

Today, PCGG is asking us (college students, born in the post-EDSA period about what we think a good government is, here is my answer, here is 'our' answer)

Just in case youtube deletes this video, here is the same video uploaded in vimeo: Good government

"Ang isang mabuting gobyerno ay hindi na nangangailangan ng isa pang Edsa"

This is an entry for the short film competition for college students with the topic "What is good government to me?" This film was made by 6 college students of UP Manila namely Arlet, Mariz, Artem, Danna, Jama and Pris. 

We see apathy as the main problem of our government; people don't know and they don't care. They're apathetic with the system. To have a good government, we should all care as one- and we don't need another EDSA revolution for that.

January 30, 2011

Vanity post: Evolution of Arlet

1st yr ---> 3rd yr me =D

I have changed, not only physically but holistically. I shall deliver. 

January 26, 2011

Back in 3rd grade, I addressed a letter to heaven

Today I was cleaning my room and found some kind of bag which contains some letters from my friends, previous students, girlfriends and 'other' friends :)) Yezz, I'm friendly like that. But, what struck me the most was a torn, cute, transparent envelope which was addressed to heaven- dated 2001

From: My true self; To: Heaven

I had an idea to what this was about, I didn't want to read it, but I did. It was sad - but I didn't cry, maybe because I have always cried about it even before I wrote that letter. I even criticized the letter because the tone was so formal, I didn't know if that 3rd grade me was talking with God or if she was talking with a judge of supreme court. All the same, it was a depressing letter that may not let me sleep tonight.

But this post I made is a reply to that 3rd grade me, so this is now 3rd year college me talking, 10 years later

Dear 3rd grade Arlet, 
It's okay. It is. Believe me. Please don't be guilty, not anymore. You have done a great job. You are strong and wonderful and you put on such a tough act. Give yourself a break and don't worry. You're not going to the hell that you believed in. You're not. And I love you. I always will. I never hated you. I was childish. You have no one to apologize to, absolutely no one.  
I love you, a lot,
I do. Stop being harsh to yourself  
3rd year college Arlet 
P.S. Why do you claim that you're a "rabble-rouser" and how did you even know the meaning of that word, I had to go and open a dictionary.
3rd grade me was using highfalutin words for her age, she must have been such a show off, putting on such an antic, putting on a tough act, putting herself in such a miserable state.

I'm sorry childhood.
And you're forgiven, please forgive yourself already.

~eto yung mga pagkakataong napapatunayan ko na schizophrenic ako eh  HAHAHA

January 24, 2011

In your face, bitch!

My phone was stolen,
almost for good.

My phone is nothing to cry about- seriously, I'd cry if I lose weight, but losing my phone? ppfft- that's fine. Once I left it at a shop for an hour or two, and when I came back it was still there. So that's how prehistoric my phone is. In my defense I just need the calendar, text messaging and calling features of a phone so yeah.

Sure my phone may be prehistoric, sure you can't find it for sale anymore (because it's phased out already =D), sure it's so girly that it look's like Barney's phone, sure it's cheap, sure it's 2 years old already, BUT, don't you dare mock it. Somebody took it! - well at least she tried- my ninja skills stopped her!  =D GYAHAHAHA.

So here's the rundown:

Today is a pretty tiring and painful day because I got a Niagara falls inside of me- that's why I tried to rest and sleep in the crowded jeepney (while listening to my phone's playlist)

        I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
        Roman cavalry choirs are singing
        Be my mirror, my sword and sh ...

The music paused- I searched in my pocket-it was gone-INSTANT NINJA MODE!

        shield, My missionaries in a foreign field
        For some reason I can't explain,
        I know Saint Peter won't call my name
        (the music continued)

I looked at the old lady beside me ... and gently-yes gently pulled her jacket that was covering her hands
Wow! It's such a coincidence, we're listening at the same song, and the same line, at the same time, and the same jeep... and we seem to have the same phone too- this is so interesting (I had a cold, sarcastic, taunting, deconstructing smile while saying it)
I took the phone, everyone in the jeep looked at us (only Makati High School students who looked so hooked with the telenovela unfolding in front of them) 
Oh do you mind if I take this? My name is in it, (browse my phone- while sheepishly smiling, then looked at the old lady again) Oh you're still here, maybe you might wanna step out now?

Even the jeepney driver is now watching us, I looked at him and smiled, he averted his eyes and looked at the road, the old lady left the jeep, the High school students whisper at each other, I can hear their murmurs but I can't decipher it, well I don't care. Got my phone back, you go girl!

January 23, 2011

Cosplay 101: Cosplay performance

Now it's time for the real thing! The performance and the competition itself, the catwalk! A lot of enthusiasts go to a convention mostly because of the cosplay competition. It's really fun to watch- especially the group cosplays. Personally I enjoy watching group cosplays  rather than individual cosplays since the performance is more diverse and original- I'm just saying (btw KUDOS TO THE NARUTO GROUP COSPLAYERS LAST OZINE 2010!!! temari vs. kankuro and the black warriors =D)

Watch 1.02 - 4:48 (this video doesn't do them justice at all, but still great!)
-The video is not mine, It's linked on Youtube

Anyway, you have to keep in mind that some props/accessories/weapons are not allowed inside the venue- especially if it's a mall where a lot of people roam around. That is why you should check first if the venue or the organizers of the event approve of such antics. 

Here are some tips in doing your catwalk/performance:

1. Practice beforehand

And I'm not saying during the convention itself but even before that; there are some groups who practice during the convention itself because it's the first time they'll meet each other but this is not advisable as it's not only stressful but also bothersome for the other convention goers- and it usually ends up being unpolished and full of slips. 

If you're just gonna model, then perhaps it's easier (assuming you're not a mecha character), think of a pose, one liner, or any action that you could do when you're in the middle of the stage. And make sure that it's not time consuming because it's not your own party.

2. Be in character or at least be funny 
3. Be confident or bring lots of friends 

4. Think of an attention getting antic, because yes, we people have ADHD 

5. As cliche as it is, enjoy! -and make lots of friends, approach and talk to other cosplayers but be sensitive. If you feel that you're not wanted then scram! Otherwise maybe you could exchange contacts or facebook addresses, be polite and respectful at all times.

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