January 30, 2011

Vanity post: Evolution of Arlet

1st yr ---> 3rd yr me =D

I have changed, not only physically but holistically. I shall deliver. 

January 26, 2011

Back in 3rd grade, I addressed a letter to heaven

Today I was cleaning my room and found some kind of bag which contains some letters from my friends, previous students, girlfriends and 'other' friends :)) Yezz, I'm friendly like that. But, what struck me the most was a torn, cute, transparent envelope which was addressed to heaven- dated 2001

From: My true self; To: Heaven

I had an idea to what this was about, I didn't want to read it, but I did. It was sad - but I didn't cry, maybe because I have always cried about it even before I wrote that letter. I even criticized the letter because the tone was so formal, I didn't know if that 3rd grade me was talking with God or if she was talking with a judge of supreme court. All the same, it was a depressing letter that may not let me sleep tonight.

But this post I made is a reply to that 3rd grade me, so this is now 3rd year college me talking, 10 years later

Dear 3rd grade Arlet, 
It's okay. It is. Believe me. Please don't be guilty, not anymore. You have done a great job. You are strong and wonderful and you put on such a tough act. Give yourself a break and don't worry. You're not going to the hell that you believed in. You're not. And I love you. I always will. I never hated you. I was childish. You have no one to apologize to, absolutely no one.  
I love you, a lot,
I do. Stop being harsh to yourself  
3rd year college Arlet 
P.S. Why do you claim that you're a "rabble-rouser" and how did you even know the meaning of that word, I had to go and open a dictionary.
3rd grade me was using highfalutin words for her age, she must have been such a show off, putting on such an antic, putting on a tough act, putting herself in such a miserable state.

I'm sorry childhood.
And you're forgiven, please forgive yourself already.

~eto yung mga pagkakataong napapatunayan ko na schizophrenic ako eh  HAHAHA

January 24, 2011

In your face, bitch!

My phone was stolen,
almost for good.

My phone is nothing to cry about- seriously, I'd cry if I lose weight, but losing my phone? ppfft- that's fine. Once I left it at a shop for an hour or two, and when I came back it was still there. So that's how prehistoric my phone is. In my defense I just need the calendar, text messaging and calling features of a phone so yeah.

Sure my phone may be prehistoric, sure you can't find it for sale anymore (because it's phased out already =D), sure it's so girly that it look's like Barney's phone, sure it's cheap, sure it's 2 years old already, BUT, don't you dare mock it. Somebody took it! - well at least she tried- my ninja skills stopped her!  =D GYAHAHAHA.

So here's the rundown:

Today is a pretty tiring and painful day because I got a Niagara falls inside of me- that's why I tried to rest and sleep in the crowded jeepney (while listening to my phone's playlist)

        I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
        Roman cavalry choirs are singing
        Be my mirror, my sword and sh ...

The music paused- I searched in my pocket-it was gone-INSTANT NINJA MODE!

        shield, My missionaries in a foreign field
        For some reason I can't explain,
        I know Saint Peter won't call my name
        (the music continued)

I looked at the old lady beside me ... and gently-yes gently pulled her jacket that was covering her hands
Wow! It's such a coincidence, we're listening at the same song, and the same line, at the same time, and the same jeep... and we seem to have the same phone too- this is so interesting (I had a cold, sarcastic, taunting, deconstructing smile while saying it)
I took the phone, everyone in the jeep looked at us (only Makati High School students who looked so hooked with the telenovela unfolding in front of them) 
Oh do you mind if I take this? My name is in it, (browse my phone- while sheepishly smiling, then looked at the old lady again) Oh you're still here, maybe you might wanna step out now?

Even the jeepney driver is now watching us, I looked at him and smiled, he averted his eyes and looked at the road, the old lady left the jeep, the High school students whisper at each other, I can hear their murmurs but I can't decipher it, well I don't care. Got my phone back, you go girl!

January 23, 2011

Cosplay 101: Cosplay performance

Now it's time for the real thing! The performance and the competition itself, the catwalk! A lot of enthusiasts go to a convention mostly because of the cosplay competition. It's really fun to watch- especially the group cosplays. Personally I enjoy watching group cosplays  rather than individual cosplays since the performance is more diverse and original- I'm just saying (btw KUDOS TO THE NARUTO GROUP COSPLAYERS LAST OZINE 2010!!! temari vs. kankuro and the black warriors =D)

Watch 1.02 - 4:48 (this video doesn't do them justice at all, but still great!)
-The video is not mine, It's linked on Youtube

Anyway, you have to keep in mind that some props/accessories/weapons are not allowed inside the venue- especially if it's a mall where a lot of people roam around. That is why you should check first if the venue or the organizers of the event approve of such antics. 

Here are some tips in doing your catwalk/performance:

1. Practice beforehand

And I'm not saying during the convention itself but even before that; there are some groups who practice during the convention itself because it's the first time they'll meet each other but this is not advisable as it's not only stressful but also bothersome for the other convention goers- and it usually ends up being unpolished and full of slips. 

If you're just gonna model, then perhaps it's easier (assuming you're not a mecha character), think of a pose, one liner, or any action that you could do when you're in the middle of the stage. And make sure that it's not time consuming because it's not your own party.

2. Be in character or at least be funny 
3. Be confident or bring lots of friends 

4. Think of an attention getting antic, because yes, we people have ADHD 

5. As cliche as it is, enjoy! -and make lots of friends, approach and talk to other cosplayers but be sensitive. If you feel that you're not wanted then scram! Otherwise maybe you could exchange contacts or facebook addresses, be polite and respectful at all times.

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P.S. I love you :)

Ask what my wish is, and I'll probably think about it for the whole day, not because I don't have one but because I have so many that I can't think of just one. Ask him what his wish is and hear it in an instant.

       "Sana po gumaling na ako" (I wish to get well soon, please.)

He's a kid with cancer. He and everyone around him are all brave people I admire. Because of him, I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to find a cure for cancer and cure him immediately.

The kid in the middle is JC B. I met him last Christmas during an outreach program (together with lots of kids and parents like him) He goes to a hospital near the University I am studying so I visit him when he sends me a message (which is very seldom :D) 
Me: Ano'ng gusto mo paglaki mo?
(What do you want to be when you grow up?)

JC: Maging engineer po
(I wanna be an engineer)
Me: Ah..okay.... bakit naman (Why?)
JC: Mahilig po kasi ako magdrawing eh (Because I like to draw =D)
-gusto kong sabihin na di engineering yun kaso.. baka masira ang childhood dream niya :D
He then handed me his drawing book and showed me his works, it was nice and good. I liked it, he asked me to draw one, so I drew 'us.' He said that my drawing was really nice and that I could also be an engineer :D He's cute and adorable right? 

       I don't believe in prayers but if you do, and if you think someone will hear you, then please, by all means pray for him and for all the cancer patients in the world. Please pray for me as well, some people say I'll burn in hell. I don't wanna get burnt in any place, just the burning itself is scary enough. 

       If you're intelligent and inclined, please help find cure cancer.
       If you're rich, please donate to cancer patients.
       If you wanna help, then please do, in your own way

Because kids are supposed to be playing around and being stupid, falling down the stair, breaking a tooth or two, wishing to his tooth fairy, believing in Santa Claus, hanging socks for Christmas, laughing out loud, crying when they lose a game, annoying his older sister, hoarding candies, doing pranks on other children, sleeping in the afternoon, drinking milk before they sleep, singing ba ba black sheep...anything but battling with cancer.

January 15, 2011

Cosplay 101: The Photoshoot

Innocence :D

Cosplayers are drawn to picture taking. Sure we're vain people and we like camwhoring and, making peace signs, shaping our lips like 'w', putting our hands in our heads (like bunny ears),  and well you get the point. 

It's just fun documenting our cosplays, and what better way to do so than by taking photographs.

Taking pictures of your cosplay is different than doing (dan da na nan nan nan, wait for it, wait for it...) "The Photoshoot" (yes say that again-with conviction) GYAHAHA but yes, these two are different because a photoshoot is hopefully a planned event that you have to prepare for. I may sound like an elitist but I am not; it's all in your mind XD 

Anyway here are the usual things that you need to do/have in a photoshoot to make it more fulfilling or else you'll not have lots of likes in facebook, LOLjk. 

1.Get dressed! Cosplay. Apply make up. It's very important that you do because it can highlight your nice features and/or hide your blemishes. Put your wigs neatly; no real hair showing; use a hair net. 

2. Have a photographer (no need for a professional with a PhD in photography in the University of Photozine). This can be your friend, mom, sweetheart, professor, whoever your heart desires. My friend and I usually invite other fans like us and just treat those people to lunch and transportation. Sometimes we also join group photoshoots, these are organized by enthusiast groups that we belong to. There are a lot of them out there so just keep searching if you don't know one. Please don't use mobile cameras as these type of cams usually result to pixelated and low quality photos. Also, please respect your photographer by knowing your character and not requesting specific edits for the photos because it will take a lot of work, skills, and time for the photographer too. Let's not be an ass to them, okay? 

3. Venue - others neglect this part because they think that it's only their cosplay that matters but please keep in mind that the background will also be seen in the photo- and thus seen as a significant part of the shoot.

Choose the place where your character seem to belong.

Note: When shooting in public places, please don't forget to secure permits because some establishments don't allow photoshoots in their area, also don't litter nor vandal. Don't be a disturbance. Have some decency. 

Some places for photoshoot (Near the metro. I'll update this when I find something new)

            1. Private pool/house/villa/etc
            2. UP Diliman- lagoon or wherever, just don't disturb
            3. La Mesa Ecopark
                    there's an entrance fee, I forgot how much, I think 50php?
            4. Graffiti Wall, Intramuros
            5. Little Tokyo, Makati
            6. Playgrounds/cakeshops wherever
            7. Manila Bay/ MOA seaside
            10. Ninoy Aquino parks and wildlife nature center, QC
            11. Luneta, Manila
            12. Fort Santiago, Manila
            13. Bonifacio High Street- secure a permit from the admin office
            14.  Pan de Amerikana, Marikina- there are life size chess pieces:            
            15. Jardin de Padre Blanco, Intramuros
            16. Greenbelt, Ayala- secure a permit from the admin office
            17. Paco Park, Manila
            18. UST

            Calaruega and other places in Tagaytay- or EK! (Are these far? XD)

4. Get started! Smile and enjoy the shoot.
5. Don't forget to post some pictures in the internet, can I see? please? pretty please?

January 14, 2011

The Lives of Others 2006

“The state exploits its member.”
This premise was clearly shown in the movie, shown so realistically that it made me shed some tears. Don’t get me wrong, this is not some tearjerker corny drama that you see in cinemas. This is SO MUCH more than that. This is the film that won the 2007 Academy Award for best Foreign Language film. This is “The Lives of Others.”

Weisler, an exceptional loyal secret agent of the government was asked to monitor Dreyman, a suspected dissident and an equally exceptional playwright. In doing so, he got interested with Dreyman’s aspirations. Later he found out that he was monitoring and trying to expose Dreyman because a government minister is jealous of him and his live in partner, Christa Maria Sieland. She is having affairs with the government minister since she doesn’t want Dreyman’s play to be banned. Eventually Dreyman found out about this and begged her to stop doing it. Christa Maria Sieland thought otherwise until Weisler talked with her (while keeping his identity of course.) Weisler intervened in most of the scenarios just to help Dreyman, this costed him his job. Weisler is a traitor and a good man.

A government not for the people is not worth saving. I’d choose to betray that system than betray the people. Weisler was well aware of this so he took advantage of that same system, but he didn't took advantage of the people (well, not during Dreyman's case that is). The world needs more of him.

...a government not supported by its members will not last for good.

In this movie, it was so easy to determine which is ethical but it got complicated because everyone has their own ideals. Weiser is a government watch dog; he sincerely believes that he should eliminate the government’s entire enemy - all those who threatened their state’s apparent peace, while Dreyman is an activist playwright who longs for a change, for freedom and true democracy. Both of them believed that what they’re doing is the right thing to do. Their ideals are opposing yet their ways are similar.

It can be ethical to fight for what you believe in, even if it’s unconstitutional especially if that same constitution doesn’t even represent you. I believe in what Weisler and Dreyman fought for, and I believe that this movie is so good that everyone should see it.

Image downloaded from: http://www.filmeducation.org/livesofothers/imgs/livesofothers.gif

January 8, 2011

The Image game: Ronald Reagan

The storyline has to match reality, and when it didn’t, the game was lost. 

For so long, Ronald Reagan had been contradicting himself over and over again. Saying one thing and doing another. Yet he still continued to soar in the public polls - you have to admit that it is commendable. So commendable in fact the he was entitled the great communicator.

One such case when he made great use of his storyteller skills was when he was asked to make a game alive, to broadcast a football game. Piece of cake? Well maybe, but there was a catch, he was watching absolutely nothing! He had to tell a story from his imagination, and he loved it, he owned it. When asked if he wanted to broadcast sports live, “Oh no, you see the thing about doing it from the wire was that you could create the scene on your own” Reagan professed. At any rate, that’s also how he landed his first job as a sports announcer.

There was also a time when public disapproval for Reagan’s way of handling education had risen because of his budget cuts in federal aid to primary and secondary schools. Polls showed that people were disappointed. Still he was able to successfully change that by telling the public about his philosophies on tougher educational standards, discipline, basic courses, teacher accountability, etc. He never changed his education policy yet the public’s attitude changed. As if that’s the only time it happened. Once he returned from a presidential visit in China where he praised the so-called communists when in fact their ideologies have always been against his, still he was able to sell it.  And that wasn’t coincidence; that was Ronald Reagan.

Despite his skills, he isn’t a one man team, a lot of skilled people worked on building and sustaining his image. Carefully engineering events and managing perceptions. The tasks were very systematic, organized and carefully planned. It even had a hint of cunning for me. The team painstakingly scripted how everything will go, day in, day out; what the press will report, what the president will say, when he will say it, etc. The team used strategies like media jujitsu where they have to control the platform and not leave anything to chance, especially not letting the press edit the president so they decided that the president should use only a hundred words to say his piece- it worked; they also made use of spin in a formidable way- highlighting issues that would be advantageous while burying bad publicities, letting the president tell the good news and leaving the bad news for other agencies to handle which is a little cunning for me. It sends me a message of cowardice but hey, I’m not the President here.

Their focus on the significance of timing could also not have been anymore perfect. The White House conducted daily morning sessions with the press so that they could comment on previous evening news, allowing them to shape the Washington slant on the news before the Congress or any critics could react. Other times they release bad stories on Friday afternoon to lessen the ripples it will make. This is because the press will have little time to work on the story, so chances are it will be dumped on Saturday newspapers which are taken lightly at the time. There was a case when this move backfired, but it wasn’t because they have taken the issue of timing lightly, rather it was because some opponents of the President have guessed (correctly) what they will do.

The President was a skilled communicator that was surrounded with skilled tacticians. He was invincible, but when the story did not match reality, for the nth time, the game was lost. The people could only take so much before it’s over. Nevertheless, it was still a good story.

Images were downloaded from : http://www.boingboing.net/images/_2009_03_ronald-reagan1.jpg and http://tammybruce.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/reagan-239x300.jpg

January 7, 2011

Unzipped, hey mister your fly is open!

On my way to school, I was wearing plaid blouse and faded jeans. My zipper was fine, thank you very much! Anyway, I was in a public vehicle and the music was very noisy, an old lady pointed to my watch- at least that's what I thought. I assumed that she's asking for the time so I told her, 11am. She nodded her head in disagreement and pointed vehemently to me, well , I got confused and asked huh?

The old lady was very nice to announce in the public jeepney with at least 8 people (3 males) that:
"Your buttons are open!" 
Oh! my buttons are open, eeeep, thanks, GYAHAHA (awkward laugh) 
So embarrassing, I wanted to say, Oh it's okay I have no problem showing you guys my 6-pack abs. It is an eyecandy. LOLjk gyahahaha it was so embarrassing but I was actually thankful to that tactless old lady, I just wish she could have made it a little, no a lot more discreet.

It made me think of what I'll do if I saw someone with an open zipper, well of course I'd like to believe that almost everyone in my immediate society wears underwear so nothing is really shown. Still, people get embarrassed, so embarrassed.

Back in High School, we sing this line when somebody's fly is open.

My bukas ang zipper di ko sasabihin (Someone has an open fly, I'll not tell whom)

Of course that's rude.

Now, if I see someone's open zipper, unbuttoned blouse, blood spotted shorts or even panty-eaten skirt (yes, there's such a case) I'll tell that person discreetly, although that person should be a female. I definitely can't do it if that person is male (blame dichotomy)- unless we're close friends, friends not relative. I would also like people to do the same for me if I do something this stupid and humiliating but I guess I would die of embarrassment if a random-almost-my-age-guy tells it to me  HA. HA. HA.

How about you? 


Shutter Island 2010

The movie went like this : 

Teddy Daniels was investigating a mental institution for the dangerous and mentally ill criminals. He was asked to search for Rachel, a patient who was institutionalized after drowning her three children. Upon doing his investigations, he came up with a conclusion that the institution is doing some human experimentation to create a mindless army for the state. He was determined to expose this truth. During his stay in Shutter Island, he was constantly given pills and cigarettes which gave him recurring migraines and hallucinations. He was being drugged, until there came a time when he became confused if he was an investigator or a patient in Shutter Island. The movie ended with Teddy asking “Which is better, to live as a monster or to die as a human?”

I went like this: 


            Now what I like about this movie is that it messes with my way of thinking. At first I was made to sympathize with Teddy, I wanted him to solve the case and expose the wrongdoings of the mental institution. Then, I was forced to think that Teddy is actually a patient in Shutter island who was continuously role playing a ‘hero’ as a defense mechanism for his guilt; that the psychiatrists just wanted to give Teddy a chance to figure out for himself that he is actually a patient, in hopes that this would cure him. I am the type of person who sticks with the first thing that I’ve given my sympathy to, needless to say, a loyal person, but I also don’t like being wrong. I did some legwork and found some theories that either proves that; (1) Teddy is a real detective or (2) Teddy is actually a patient. I believed the latter; it was more logical and substantiated. My initial belief that Teddy is a real detective was debunked, I was loyally mistaken. Still, I like the movie; it made me think, a lot. 

Video courtesy of youtube while gif is linked from tumblr

January 6, 2011

Cosplay 101: Shopping for materials

So you know whom to cosplay already, you're in for a good start but still quite a long way to go.

After choosing which character to cosplay, have at least one full body image of that character- colored image. This will be your reference when buying materials. Know what you need before stepping out of your home. Make a list- this will save you a lot of time, headache and money. 

The materials you'll look for will of course depend largely on your chosen character so don't expect me to give specific materials here.

Anyway if you live in the Philippines like I do, the place to go would be Divisoria. The prices there are unbelievable- well, not really :D As cliche as it may sound, buying in bulk would be very much preferred as you can save a lot, so if you have other cosplayer friends, it would be best to shop for materials together- it's also fun!

Most of the materials for costumes (wigs, fabric, rubber sheets, weapons, wings, hair color)- whatever it may be, can be found in Tabora (street in Divisoria) just ask around, the place is popular. However, if you wish to look around then feel free to do so. The malls there (168 mall, Divisoria mall, and Tutuban mall, Primeblock mall and I forgot the other one)  are also dependable when cosplay shopping.

There is a wig boutique in Tabora (at the 2nd floor of primeblock mall), the wigs there are type A (first class) and the prices are just right, it's a good shop. Most of the shops there sells and commission accessories too, but do not pay in full immediately. Also check the quality of their work, and ask how they plan to do your accessories - the materials, the stitching/gluing together, etc. Because for them anything is doable, but the quality might not be at par at what you'd expect it to be.

There are also lots of fabric in the next street ( I forgot the name of the street though) and the building across Tutuban mall's main entrance. Oh btw, there are also affordable wigs at Landmark department store.

If you're looking for a doujin or original character cosplays or novelty clothes or even boots and shoes, you could always try in thrift stores. Also, you have to distinguish which would fit you. Don't forget to haggle! 

Hmmmm, if you feel like you're too rich to go to these places, then you could try going to Department stores and boutique stores of Trinoma, Landmark, SM Megamall, SM Makati, Market! Market!

For make up and body paint, buy those products which you have already tried and tested because your skin might get irritated with things you just buy on the sidewalk.

If you're looking for contact lenses, make sure to buy it from a trusted optical or a trusted shop/ person especially if you're just ordering it from the net. Eyes are very sensitive and precious, you don't want to be a case of cosplayer gone blind right? There are a lot of opticals in Carriedo btw, but few have wild colors like red.

Have fun shopping!

January 5, 2011

Cosplay 101: Choosing the character

You can cosplay anyone you like, it is cosplay after all. Sure it is fun, being mistaken as a female Santa Claus when you're actually Cardcaptor Sakura.

Cardcaptor Sakura
Santa Claus

Anyway, cosplaying is already mainstream nowadays and it's nice. I remember back then, I'd go to a convention and be happy with the few cosplayers I see around. Everyone consider themselves cosplayers now. Wear a white shirt and poof! you're Light Yagami of Death Note, or a black dress and you're now Misa (of the same anime)

"Random school girl"
"Random Japanese artist"
That's what they'll say when asked who they are. Well, yes people could cosplay randomly, random shinigami, random Hogwart student, random identifiable characters that is. Unless you're really asking for it. Then might as well submit my random kwek-kwek eating photo in cosplay.com or cosplay.ph. I mean people, really?

HAHAHA I digress. So you're thinking of cosplaying? But don't know whom to cosplay? Well, here are some guides that might help.

1. What are the anime/games/movies/etc that you like? We usually cosplay characters that have significance to us so make a list of the shows/games that you like. Make a list of characters from those.

Mecha characters: You should be ready to have limited movement, eyesight and control.

Hentai characters: Be prepared to interact with hentai fans, it might get annoying if some of them do some disrespectful acts. They may be made into thinking that you are that character

(Skin) Showy characters: Yes, you will surely be surrounded by some kind of maniacs, it is a sad reality- show your skin and people will look at it, or worse.

2. What is your body type? I remember this plus size and tall cosplayer cosplaying cardcaptor Sakura. She was mistaken as a female Santa Claus by a kid. If getting mistaken for another character is fine with you, then I suggest you just do it! You go girl!

If you are a dudette and you want to crossplay a dude, it would be fairly difficult if you are well endowed, but it's not impossible. Just get some bandage, and wrap those tightly. Oh those cute thing of yours. Yes, it might hurt (I wouldn't know though, HAHAHA.)

If you're a dude and you want to crossplay a dudette, you must be prepared to be labeled as gay (by the general public and not the anime/game/cosplay community)

Hair, eyes, face are pretty easy to manage, so it shouldn't be that big of a problem provided you saved up your allowance or salary to buy some good make up, wig and/or contact lens.

You don't need to be identical because you could alter some qualities of the character when you cosplay. Just make sure that you don't completely alter it and turn it to your original made up character, it should still be identifiable.

3. What is your budget? Okay, I should have put it in the first consideration since cosplaying is an expensive hobby. Admit it or not, it is. Can you handle the expenses with your chosen character? If not, save up more or choose another one. There are lots of characters to choose from anyway.

4. Doppleganger acting. Can you act like your chosen character? I ask this because you have to show a performance in the catwalk part of any convention- should you wish to register that is. Besides when you are cosplaying, people expect you to portray that character. It actually gets a bit awkward when people are unable to realize that you are not actually the real character. Excuse me for not jumping after a yarn ball just cause you threw it away (well, I was cosplaying a cat.)

5. Don't follow this piece of crap I've written, and go decide on your own. Hey, it's a free country!


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I do not own the images used in this post

January 4, 2011

Words, Doctors, and Love

"Just wait.."

That was the only word the doctor told us.I got confused, so confused with what that meant.

Last April of 2009, my lovely cousin was born, she is an angel sent from above. Sadly she had a condition called encephalocele. The way I understood it, was that her skull wasn't fully developed and that it had some kind of opening that could cause infection, and death even.

My uncle and auntie were both so worried and depressed, my heart aches whenever I remember those times. My uncle is a cheerful young man and seeing him unable to smile and laugh at jokes is painful.

Jamie was brought to a nearby private hospital in Nueva ecija. We were all hopefuls. When you love someone so much, you will believe even in the thinnest hair strand that you could hold of. You would choose to pray even if you were an atheist. You would do literally anything and believe anyone. That's how it is to love, that's how it was for us.

But that was shattered when the attending doctor of the hospital broke to us that the only thing we could do was wait. I was confused, wait for what? Apparently, the doctor was implying for us to either wait for a miracle, or wait for her to go to heaven or wherever people go after they die.

I cried and gave up. That's all it took to shatter my hope. One word from the doctor, one word only. Wait.

But I guess, parents are not like that, they're much much more than that. I told you already, when you love someone so much, you would believe anything and anyone and any chance. They brought Jamie to the city and have her checked in National Children's Hospital. The hospital nor the new doctor did not say anything like giving up and waiting. Instead, an operation was suggested and executed. It took an unbelievable amount of time, stress and yes money but it was all worth it.

Because yes, it was a success!

Now, I would really like to thank that doctor who attended to my cousin Jamie, the doctor who didn't say something heartless like waiting and giving up, the doctor whose name is Dr. Charleston Yeo. Thank you.

And to that other doctor who told us to just wait, please please please be more careful with your words... it is so powerful, it could kill.

How to tell your friends that you're gay

I know that this isn't a bigger problem than global warming or violation of human rights or recession or drugs. Heck it shouldn't even be a problem to start with. Remember that you're coming out to your friends and not to religious leaders or whatever. These are your friends we're talking about, so they should stick by your side and support you here, unless your friends are closed-minded bigots, hmmm you might want to consider changing friends. 

Anyway, for some people it could be fairly difficult, especially for the yuppies who were raised in a conservative environment or those who have consistently projected an image of that of a heterosexual person. Still, it needs to be done.

1. Observe yourself, your friends. Don't take them for a fool, they might already know or at least have guessed it, (everyone has gaydar - maybe you just need to casually reveal it in passing. Believe me it is very interesting frustrating when I saw my friends pretending to be this macho man when in fact, they actually crave for this macho man.

2. Let the non-verbs speak first. Maybe you don't need to verbalize it just yet. Try showing it, act in a way that you would want to normally act- if it doesn't spell homo 101, then yes, verbalize it or just tell them the name of the person/s you like- or not 

3. Let's drink to that. This is actually how my gay friend confessed. He invited us to have a drink with him, he said we were celebrating something, for all we knew it was his rebirth as Yvon ROFL (Ivonne is a LOT nicer than Ivan). Admit it or not, alcohol gives us that push and courage to do something we normally won't- just don't cause a scene okay? You'll be an embarrassment, not because your gay, but because you're plain embarrassing, but hey it's a free country.

4. Talk with them privately. It is a serious issue for some so take the time to take it seriously. Find the appropriate timing.

You could try doing other stuff and see for yourself if it works. This is in no way a challenge, but a call. Hiding in a closet is more frustrating. You may be unable to tell how your friends will react but don't be disappointed when they initially react negatively, give them the time to process and digest the information, maybe their minds are still buffering. 

In the end, keep in mind that you have nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to apologize for

It is your life.

Note: If you wanna come out to a friend whom you actually like, that my friend, I have no idea :)

January 3, 2011

Awkward parent-daughter moments

Okay, so I am not that bubbly-flirty-wobbly-eye-type of girl and I definitely know that I am also not that beach-blonde-babe and I am perfectly fine with that, but, for some reason somebody gave me this gift for New Year's :D

Oh so sexy, oh so sexy- I suddenly have the urge to sing this song. Well, I am very thankful and appreciative of any kinds of gifts that are given to me, although this one made me feel a little awkward and anxious. Know why? Because it's a gift from my mother!

Anyway, because this is already mine, and this is a gift so I can't throw it away- well you know. LOL. I might as well make use of it!

Thanks mom! (for this ughmm... gift)

Random conversation:

Me: This weather makes my lips chappy
Papa: What? you have chapped lips? someone might be biting it
Me: rolling eyes

Hay, I'm going to go and get more sleep.

Same shit, different year - NOT!

Happy New Year everyone! (me and papa- and mama :D)

Since it's new year, I finally decided to make a new blogspot because I've already outgrown my multiply page, while my other microsites are just so hard to maintain with all those java and html -not too mention it takes forever to load too. All the same, I'm very happy!

I have always been the impatient optimist so why stop now, especially when it's new year? I'm very optimistic with what the year has in store for me, oh no wait, let me rephrase that. I'm very optimistic with what I'll make out of this year!

Last year made me grow exponentially, this year, I will use all those learning to grow more. Anyway, here are my long term and short term goals (to which I'll look back in December 2011)

1. Gain some weight - Okay, if you have seen me, I know you will agree. I'm very skinny, my friends call me the skinny bitch, have always been underweight since High School so I need to change that. Rice, rice, rice- eats lots and lots of rice Arlet (okay, skipping breakfast and writing this might not be a very good start)

2. Fully pay my laptop - This laptop I'm using right now- I still have a balance on my father's credit card - and yes my father knows and approves of my use of the card.

3. Get a driver's license- My student license is almost expiring...eep

4. Cosplay at least 5 characters- So yes, I am a proud cosplayer - you know, those nerdy people who participates in costume parties even if it's not Halloween  :)

5. Go to at least 2 places you've never been before
And oh visit these places again (if there's enough resources) and blog about it this time:

6. Experience life, to the fullest!

Mind over matter. I may be put in misery, but I will not be miserable.