January 3, 2011

Awkward parent-daughter moments

Okay, so I am not that bubbly-flirty-wobbly-eye-type of girl and I definitely know that I am also not that beach-blonde-babe and I am perfectly fine with that, but, for some reason somebody gave me this gift for New Year's :D

Oh so sexy, oh so sexy- I suddenly have the urge to sing this song. Well, I am very thankful and appreciative of any kinds of gifts that are given to me, although this one made me feel a little awkward and anxious. Know why? Because it's a gift from my mother!

Anyway, because this is already mine, and this is a gift so I can't throw it away- well you know. LOL. I might as well make use of it!

Thanks mom! (for this ughmm... gift)

Random conversation:

Me: This weather makes my lips chappy
Papa: What? you have chapped lips? someone might be biting it
Me: rolling eyes

Hay, I'm going to go and get more sleep.


  1. shut up Pat! :D I know you like wearing those kinds of lingerie. GYAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. ABA! Sabi na nainilip ka eh. =))

  3. Sshhhhh..... di mo naman ako binabawal eh GYAHAHA lol, tama na tung kalokohan naten :D

  4. Wahaha. I bet the lingerie looks good on you. :)

  5. Kinda how it will look on you Ate Judy! :) so it must be good :D GYAHAHHAAHHA and we love each other =))


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