January 26, 2011

Back in 3rd grade, I addressed a letter to heaven

Today I was cleaning my room and found some kind of bag which contains some letters from my friends, previous students, girlfriends and 'other' friends :)) Yezz, I'm friendly like that. But, what struck me the most was a torn, cute, transparent envelope which was addressed to heaven- dated 2001

From: My true self; To: Heaven

I had an idea to what this was about, I didn't want to read it, but I did. It was sad - but I didn't cry, maybe because I have always cried about it even before I wrote that letter. I even criticized the letter because the tone was so formal, I didn't know if that 3rd grade me was talking with God or if she was talking with a judge of supreme court. All the same, it was a depressing letter that may not let me sleep tonight.

But this post I made is a reply to that 3rd grade me, so this is now 3rd year college me talking, 10 years later

Dear 3rd grade Arlet, 
It's okay. It is. Believe me. Please don't be guilty, not anymore. You have done a great job. You are strong and wonderful and you put on such a tough act. Give yourself a break and don't worry. You're not going to the hell that you believed in. You're not. And I love you. I always will. I never hated you. I was childish. You have no one to apologize to, absolutely no one.  
I love you, a lot,
I do. Stop being harsh to yourself  
3rd year college Arlet 
P.S. Why do you claim that you're a "rabble-rouser" and how did you even know the meaning of that word, I had to go and open a dictionary.
3rd grade me was using highfalutin words for her age, she must have been such a show off, putting on such an antic, putting on a tough act, putting herself in such a miserable state.

I'm sorry childhood.
And you're forgiven, please forgive yourself already.

~eto yung mga pagkakataong napapatunayan ko na schizophrenic ako eh  HAHAHA


  1. I find this one really sweet. Keep the good posts from coming, 3rd year college-version Arlet!

  2. :"D GYAHAHAHAHAHA yeah sure, I guess?

  3. Hahaha! Touching! I believe I also wrote letters with highfalutin words. And I thought their correct. LOL

  4. GYAHAHAHAHA you're laughing yet it is touching, hmmmm... Yes, you seem the type who'll write letters with nosebleed terms =D

  5. Someone said [whose name escapes my memory right now] that the only way to have an intelligent conversation is to talk with yourself. That is probably all well and good, most likely a source of inspired madness. What's probably crazy is when we interrupt ourselves in that same conversation just to make a point :))

  6. Hi Splice! GYAHAHAHA I have also heard that before although I really didn't believe it entirely :) sure I believe that "talking with oneself is a way to have an intelligent conversation" -but definitely not the only way, AND GYAHAHAHAHA yes, it's probably crazy- and I think I might be on the verge of that


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