January 23, 2011

Cosplay 101: Cosplay performance

Now it's time for the real thing! The performance and the competition itself, the catwalk! A lot of enthusiasts go to a convention mostly because of the cosplay competition. It's really fun to watch- especially the group cosplays. Personally I enjoy watching group cosplays  rather than individual cosplays since the performance is more diverse and original- I'm just saying (btw KUDOS TO THE NARUTO GROUP COSPLAYERS LAST OZINE 2010!!! temari vs. kankuro and the black warriors =D)

Watch 1.02 - 4:48 (this video doesn't do them justice at all, but still great!)
-The video is not mine, It's linked on Youtube

Anyway, you have to keep in mind that some props/accessories/weapons are not allowed inside the venue- especially if it's a mall where a lot of people roam around. That is why you should check first if the venue or the organizers of the event approve of such antics. 

Here are some tips in doing your catwalk/performance:

1. Practice beforehand

And I'm not saying during the convention itself but even before that; there are some groups who practice during the convention itself because it's the first time they'll meet each other but this is not advisable as it's not only stressful but also bothersome for the other convention goers- and it usually ends up being unpolished and full of slips. 

If you're just gonna model, then perhaps it's easier (assuming you're not a mecha character), think of a pose, one liner, or any action that you could do when you're in the middle of the stage. And make sure that it's not time consuming because it's not your own party.

2. Be in character or at least be funny 
3. Be confident or bring lots of friends 

4. Think of an attention getting antic, because yes, we people have ADHD 

5. As cliche as it is, enjoy! -and make lots of friends, approach and talk to other cosplayers but be sensitive. If you feel that you're not wanted then scram! Otherwise maybe you could exchange contacts or facebook addresses, be polite and respectful at all times.

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