January 15, 2011

Cosplay 101: The Photoshoot

Innocence :D

Cosplayers are drawn to picture taking. Sure we're vain people and we like camwhoring and, making peace signs, shaping our lips like 'w', putting our hands in our heads (like bunny ears),  and well you get the point. 

It's just fun documenting our cosplays, and what better way to do so than by taking photographs.

Taking pictures of your cosplay is different than doing (dan da na nan nan nan, wait for it, wait for it...) "The Photoshoot" (yes say that again-with conviction) GYAHAHA but yes, these two are different because a photoshoot is hopefully a planned event that you have to prepare for. I may sound like an elitist but I am not; it's all in your mind XD 

Anyway here are the usual things that you need to do/have in a photoshoot to make it more fulfilling or else you'll not have lots of likes in facebook, LOLjk. 

1.Get dressed! Cosplay. Apply make up. It's very important that you do because it can highlight your nice features and/or hide your blemishes. Put your wigs neatly; no real hair showing; use a hair net. 

2. Have a photographer (no need for a professional with a PhD in photography in the University of Photozine). This can be your friend, mom, sweetheart, professor, whoever your heart desires. My friend and I usually invite other fans like us and just treat those people to lunch and transportation. Sometimes we also join group photoshoots, these are organized by enthusiast groups that we belong to. There are a lot of them out there so just keep searching if you don't know one. Please don't use mobile cameras as these type of cams usually result to pixelated and low quality photos. Also, please respect your photographer by knowing your character and not requesting specific edits for the photos because it will take a lot of work, skills, and time for the photographer too. Let's not be an ass to them, okay? 

3. Venue - others neglect this part because they think that it's only their cosplay that matters but please keep in mind that the background will also be seen in the photo- and thus seen as a significant part of the shoot.

Choose the place where your character seem to belong.

Note: When shooting in public places, please don't forget to secure permits because some establishments don't allow photoshoots in their area, also don't litter nor vandal. Don't be a disturbance. Have some decency. 

Some places for photoshoot (Near the metro. I'll update this when I find something new)

            1. Private pool/house/villa/etc
            2. UP Diliman- lagoon or wherever, just don't disturb
            3. La Mesa Ecopark
                    there's an entrance fee, I forgot how much, I think 50php?
            4. Graffiti Wall, Intramuros
            5. Little Tokyo, Makati
            6. Playgrounds/cakeshops wherever
            7. Manila Bay/ MOA seaside
            10. Ninoy Aquino parks and wildlife nature center, QC
            11. Luneta, Manila
            12. Fort Santiago, Manila
            13. Bonifacio High Street- secure a permit from the admin office
            14.  Pan de Amerikana, Marikina- there are life size chess pieces:            
            15. Jardin de Padre Blanco, Intramuros
            16. Greenbelt, Ayala- secure a permit from the admin office
            17. Paco Park, Manila
            18. UST

            Calaruega and other places in Tagaytay- or EK! (Are these far? XD)

4. Get started! Smile and enjoy the shoot.
5. Don't forget to post some pictures in the internet, can I see? please? pretty please?


  1. I have a question about securing permits at Bonifacio High Street.

    Do they require payments?

    1. Hi Yuuki! Hmm I'm not sure now, but before, no need for payments as long as its not for commercial purposes. Enjoy!

  2. Hi~!
    need ba ng permit sa UST for a shoot? ; v ; )

    1. Hello! I don't know anymore, pero I suggest you get permit na din from the admin. Call them up muna, mahirap na. Sayang pagssched kung mapaalis lang ng guard.

      Post your photos! HAHA


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