January 4, 2011

Words, Doctors, and Love

"Just wait.."

That was the only word the doctor told us.I got confused, so confused with what that meant.

Last April of 2009, my lovely cousin was born, she is an angel sent from above. Sadly she had a condition called encephalocele. The way I understood it, was that her skull wasn't fully developed and that it had some kind of opening that could cause infection, and death even.

My uncle and auntie were both so worried and depressed, my heart aches whenever I remember those times. My uncle is a cheerful young man and seeing him unable to smile and laugh at jokes is painful.

Jamie was brought to a nearby private hospital in Nueva ecija. We were all hopefuls. When you love someone so much, you will believe even in the thinnest hair strand that you could hold of. You would choose to pray even if you were an atheist. You would do literally anything and believe anyone. That's how it is to love, that's how it was for us.

But that was shattered when the attending doctor of the hospital broke to us that the only thing we could do was wait. I was confused, wait for what? Apparently, the doctor was implying for us to either wait for a miracle, or wait for her to go to heaven or wherever people go after they die.

I cried and gave up. That's all it took to shatter my hope. One word from the doctor, one word only. Wait.

But I guess, parents are not like that, they're much much more than that. I told you already, when you love someone so much, you would believe anything and anyone and any chance. They brought Jamie to the city and have her checked in National Children's Hospital. The hospital nor the new doctor did not say anything like giving up and waiting. Instead, an operation was suggested and executed. It took an unbelievable amount of time, stress and yes money but it was all worth it.

Because yes, it was a success!

Now, I would really like to thank that doctor who attended to my cousin Jamie, the doctor who didn't say something heartless like waiting and giving up, the doctor whose name is Dr. Charleston Yeo. Thank you.

And to that other doctor who told us to just wait, please please please be more careful with your words... it is so powerful, it could kill.

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  1. I just read about this, and I remembered this blog of mine.


    Okay, I quite understand where Doctor Goldman is coming from, but I still believe that some mistakes stem from negligence and not honest mistakes (just like one comment written on the TED talk) Some mistakes are not inevitable... I don't know, I might just not be as open minded as I'd like to think I am... I'll try to reassess my principles and action..but..


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