January 24, 2011

In your face, bitch!

My phone was stolen,
almost for good.

My phone is nothing to cry about- seriously, I'd cry if I lose weight, but losing my phone? ppfft- that's fine. Once I left it at a shop for an hour or two, and when I came back it was still there. So that's how prehistoric my phone is. In my defense I just need the calendar, text messaging and calling features of a phone so yeah.

Sure my phone may be prehistoric, sure you can't find it for sale anymore (because it's phased out already =D), sure it's so girly that it look's like Barney's phone, sure it's cheap, sure it's 2 years old already, BUT, don't you dare mock it. Somebody took it! - well at least she tried- my ninja skills stopped her!  =D GYAHAHAHA.

So here's the rundown:

Today is a pretty tiring and painful day because I got a Niagara falls inside of me- that's why I tried to rest and sleep in the crowded jeepney (while listening to my phone's playlist)

        I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
        Roman cavalry choirs are singing
        Be my mirror, my sword and sh ...

The music paused- I searched in my pocket-it was gone-INSTANT NINJA MODE!

        shield, My missionaries in a foreign field
        For some reason I can't explain,
        I know Saint Peter won't call my name
        (the music continued)

I looked at the old lady beside me ... and gently-yes gently pulled her jacket that was covering her hands
Wow! It's such a coincidence, we're listening at the same song, and the same line, at the same time, and the same jeep... and we seem to have the same phone too- this is so interesting (I had a cold, sarcastic, taunting, deconstructing smile while saying it)
I took the phone, everyone in the jeep looked at us (only Makati High School students who looked so hooked with the telenovela unfolding in front of them) 
Oh do you mind if I take this? My name is in it, (browse my phone- while sheepishly smiling, then looked at the old lady again) Oh you're still here, maybe you might wanna step out now?

Even the jeepney driver is now watching us, I looked at him and smiled, he averted his eyes and looked at the road, the old lady left the jeep, the High school students whisper at each other, I can hear their murmurs but I can't decipher it, well I don't care. Got my phone back, you go girl!


  1. This is so Arlet. :)

    "HULI KA BALBON!" I died laughing. :))

  2. Bwahahaa something like this happened to me too! It's funnier, it was my first day in UPM and I felt someone got my wallet from my backpack. Postitive ninja I am, I saw a woman holding my Hello Kitty wallet and then tand there told her that that wallet is mine!!!! LOOOL

  3. WOOOWWWW..... first day FTW! GYAHAHAHAHA That must be really memorable then, hello kitty!

  4. hahaha. astig. Don't know what I'll do if that thing happened to me. Rock en Roll

  5. lalala :)) wag na sanang mangyari sa'yo in the first place :| HAHA natrauma nako sa mga mandurukot/snatchers whatever


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