January 14, 2011

The Lives of Others 2006

“The state exploits its member.”
This premise was clearly shown in the movie, shown so realistically that it made me shed some tears. Don’t get me wrong, this is not some tearjerker corny drama that you see in cinemas. This is SO MUCH more than that. This is the film that won the 2007 Academy Award for best Foreign Language film. This is “The Lives of Others.”

Weisler, an exceptional loyal secret agent of the government was asked to monitor Dreyman, a suspected dissident and an equally exceptional playwright. In doing so, he got interested with Dreyman’s aspirations. Later he found out that he was monitoring and trying to expose Dreyman because a government minister is jealous of him and his live in partner, Christa Maria Sieland. She is having affairs with the government minister since she doesn’t want Dreyman’s play to be banned. Eventually Dreyman found out about this and begged her to stop doing it. Christa Maria Sieland thought otherwise until Weisler talked with her (while keeping his identity of course.) Weisler intervened in most of the scenarios just to help Dreyman, this costed him his job. Weisler is a traitor and a good man.

A government not for the people is not worth saving. I’d choose to betray that system than betray the people. Weisler was well aware of this so he took advantage of that same system, but he didn't took advantage of the people (well, not during Dreyman's case that is). The world needs more of him.

...a government not supported by its members will not last for good.

In this movie, it was so easy to determine which is ethical but it got complicated because everyone has their own ideals. Weiser is a government watch dog; he sincerely believes that he should eliminate the government’s entire enemy - all those who threatened their state’s apparent peace, while Dreyman is an activist playwright who longs for a change, for freedom and true democracy. Both of them believed that what they’re doing is the right thing to do. Their ideals are opposing yet their ways are similar.

It can be ethical to fight for what you believe in, even if it’s unconstitutional especially if that same constitution doesn’t even represent you. I believe in what Weisler and Dreyman fought for, and I believe that this movie is so good that everyone should see it.

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