January 23, 2011

P.S. I love you :)

Ask what my wish is, and I'll probably think about it for the whole day, not because I don't have one but because I have so many that I can't think of just one. Ask him what his wish is and hear it in an instant.

       "Sana po gumaling na ako" (I wish to get well soon, please.)

He's a kid with cancer. He and everyone around him are all brave people I admire. Because of him, I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to find a cure for cancer and cure him immediately.

The kid in the middle is JC B. I met him last Christmas during an outreach program (together with lots of kids and parents like him) He goes to a hospital near the University I am studying so I visit him when he sends me a message (which is very seldom :D) 
Me: Ano'ng gusto mo paglaki mo?
(What do you want to be when you grow up?)

JC: Maging engineer po
(I wanna be an engineer)
Me: Ah..okay.... bakit naman (Why?)
JC: Mahilig po kasi ako magdrawing eh (Because I like to draw =D)
-gusto kong sabihin na di engineering yun kaso.. baka masira ang childhood dream niya :D
He then handed me his drawing book and showed me his works, it was nice and good. I liked it, he asked me to draw one, so I drew 'us.' He said that my drawing was really nice and that I could also be an engineer :D He's cute and adorable right? 

       I don't believe in prayers but if you do, and if you think someone will hear you, then please, by all means pray for him and for all the cancer patients in the world. Please pray for me as well, some people say I'll burn in hell. I don't wanna get burnt in any place, just the burning itself is scary enough. 

       If you're intelligent and inclined, please help find cure cancer.
       If you're rich, please donate to cancer patients.
       If you wanna help, then please do, in your own way

Because kids are supposed to be playing around and being stupid, falling down the stair, breaking a tooth or two, wishing to his tooth fairy, believing in Santa Claus, hanging socks for Christmas, laughing out loud, crying when they lose a game, annoying his older sister, hoarding candies, doing pranks on other children, sleeping in the afternoon, drinking milk before they sleep, singing ba ba black sheep...anything but battling with cancer.

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