January 3, 2011

Same shit, different year - NOT!

Happy New Year everyone! (me and papa- and mama :D)

Since it's new year, I finally decided to make a new blogspot because I've already outgrown my multiply page, while my other microsites are just so hard to maintain with all those java and html -not too mention it takes forever to load too. All the same, I'm very happy!

I have always been the impatient optimist so why stop now, especially when it's new year? I'm very optimistic with what the year has in store for me, oh no wait, let me rephrase that. I'm very optimistic with what I'll make out of this year!

Last year made me grow exponentially, this year, I will use all those learning to grow more. Anyway, here are my long term and short term goals (to which I'll look back in December 2011)

1. Gain some weight - Okay, if you have seen me, I know you will agree. I'm very skinny, my friends call me the skinny bitch, have always been underweight since High School so I need to change that. Rice, rice, rice- eats lots and lots of rice Arlet (okay, skipping breakfast and writing this might not be a very good start)

2. Fully pay my laptop - This laptop I'm using right now- I still have a balance on my father's credit card - and yes my father knows and approves of my use of the card.

3. Get a driver's license- My student license is almost expiring...eep

4. Cosplay at least 5 characters- So yes, I am a proud cosplayer - you know, those nerdy people who participates in costume parties even if it's not Halloween  :)

5. Go to at least 2 places you've never been before
And oh visit these places again (if there's enough resources) and blog about it this time:

6. Experience life, to the fullest!

Mind over matter. I may be put in misery, but I will not be miserable.

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  1. Arleeeet!!! :)

    Glad I'm on your blog. Hehe. ;D I just wrote my Resolutions too! Might want to check! LOL

    Gain some weight? Pshhh... Hahaha! :D

    Well, good luck on that! :P


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