January 7, 2011

Shutter Island 2010

The movie went like this : 

Teddy Daniels was investigating a mental institution for the dangerous and mentally ill criminals. He was asked to search for Rachel, a patient who was institutionalized after drowning her three children. Upon doing his investigations, he came up with a conclusion that the institution is doing some human experimentation to create a mindless army for the state. He was determined to expose this truth. During his stay in Shutter Island, he was constantly given pills and cigarettes which gave him recurring migraines and hallucinations. He was being drugged, until there came a time when he became confused if he was an investigator or a patient in Shutter Island. The movie ended with Teddy asking “Which is better, to live as a monster or to die as a human?”

I went like this: 


            Now what I like about this movie is that it messes with my way of thinking. At first I was made to sympathize with Teddy, I wanted him to solve the case and expose the wrongdoings of the mental institution. Then, I was forced to think that Teddy is actually a patient in Shutter island who was continuously role playing a ‘hero’ as a defense mechanism for his guilt; that the psychiatrists just wanted to give Teddy a chance to figure out for himself that he is actually a patient, in hopes that this would cure him. I am the type of person who sticks with the first thing that I’ve given my sympathy to, needless to say, a loyal person, but I also don’t like being wrong. I did some legwork and found some theories that either proves that; (1) Teddy is a real detective or (2) Teddy is actually a patient. I believed the latter; it was more logical and substantiated. My initial belief that Teddy is a real detective was debunked, I was loyally mistaken. Still, I like the movie; it made me think, a lot. 

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