January 7, 2011

Unzipped, hey mister your fly is open!

On my way to school, I was wearing plaid blouse and faded jeans. My zipper was fine, thank you very much! Anyway, I was in a public vehicle and the music was very noisy, an old lady pointed to my watch- at least that's what I thought. I assumed that she's asking for the time so I told her, 11am. She nodded her head in disagreement and pointed vehemently to me, well , I got confused and asked huh?

The old lady was very nice to announce in the public jeepney with at least 8 people (3 males) that:
"Your buttons are open!" 
Oh! my buttons are open, eeeep, thanks, GYAHAHA (awkward laugh) 
So embarrassing, I wanted to say, Oh it's okay I have no problem showing you guys my 6-pack abs. It is an eyecandy. LOLjk gyahahaha it was so embarrassing but I was actually thankful to that tactless old lady, I just wish she could have made it a little, no a lot more discreet.

It made me think of what I'll do if I saw someone with an open zipper, well of course I'd like to believe that almost everyone in my immediate society wears underwear so nothing is really shown. Still, people get embarrassed, so embarrassed.

Back in High School, we sing this line when somebody's fly is open.

My bukas ang zipper di ko sasabihin (Someone has an open fly, I'll not tell whom)

Of course that's rude.

Now, if I see someone's open zipper, unbuttoned blouse, blood spotted shorts or even panty-eaten skirt (yes, there's such a case) I'll tell that person discreetly, although that person should be a female. I definitely can't do it if that person is male (blame dichotomy)- unless we're close friends, friends not relative. I would also like people to do the same for me if I do something this stupid and humiliating but I guess I would die of embarrassment if a random-almost-my-age-guy tells it to me  HA. HA. HA.

How about you? 



  1. Hahaha! This is hilarious! I remember I told a lady inside an elevator with me that her button is open too. And she thanked me because she could've shown up for her job interview with her boob saying Hi. LOL :D Yeah I agree that you should tell it discreetly to avoid embarassment. :D

  2. FTW why hello there boobies! LOL but yeah that's embarrassing...Yay! If I saw you with an unbutton shirt, I'll say "take it off. take it off" LOLjk Ate Judy! GYAHAHAHAHAHA


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