February 23, 2011

How to get a driver's license in the Philippines

I just got my non professional driver's license from LTO. I thought that it would be such a hassle but not really. Even so, you have to be there for the whole day, unless you're one of the firsts in line.

To bring: 
1. student driver permit (at least one month old)
2. the receipt for that permit
3. ballpen, money and patience

To do:

1. Get an application form in the 'information window' and answer it

2. Line up in the medical testing area (you have to pay 100php or so, they'll just get your height, weight and eyesight; You have to give them your student permit and the the receipt for that.

3. Make sure the physician attached something like a medical certificate in your application form, they'll also attach your student permit and the receipt

4. Pass your application form (with the attached med cert and student permit) to the drug testing area, pay 300php or something- I forgot how much exactly; wait for your name to be called.

5. When you're name is called, they'll ask for a urine sample.

6.  Upon getting a negative result in the drug test, you'll get the application form along with the drug test and med cert, line up in window 4 (or somewhere, just read the instructions posted)

7. Wait for your name to get called (while waiting, you could ask for a copy of reviewer from the LTO officers in the testing area, and review) and then you'll have your photo and signature taken, then wait for your name to get called again.

8. When you get called, you're in for the written examination, pass that exam. The written exam is not difficult, you need to get 30/40 to pass, some of the answers are already posted in the testing area, and you're allowed to look (these are just traffic signs) :))

9. After passing the exam, you're in for the practical examination. You can tell them that you have your own vehicle or you could use theirs (you have to pay if you use theirs)

10. Just drive the car; 2 rounds (the place is just an empty lot with an oval driveway)

11. If you pass the exam, wait for your name to get called and you now have your driver's license! Yippee!

You're in for a lot of waiting-for-your-name-to-get-called :)) I actually memorized some names of the people being called.

Tick-tock (tick-tock)

I haven't been posting here since February started; don't worry guys, I'm not dead yet, just really busy. My average sleeping time for the past few weeks have gone down to teeny 3 hours - if I'm allowed to sleep at all. GYAHAHAHA, again, don't worry I'm not gonna rant here. This month is making me grow up exponentially. I am forced to learn and undergo new things in life- which is very exciting, fulfilling and tiring at the same time. I am also forced to become true friends with caffeine, energy drinks and 'determination to resist sleeping.

So what happened Arlet?

1. Making video clips

Okay so I'm taking Audio-visual communication this semester and it's so fun because we always get to make 5 minute clips or whatever. Yes, it's only for 5 minutes but the making of it is more than 24 hours including conceptualization, shooting and editing (especially if you're not allowed to shoot in the place that you have chosen) besides that, my teammates and I have different schedule so it's difficult to set a time for us to meet.

Here is a link for what we have made: http://vimeo.com/19884688

2. Cosplay Photoshoot

Sure this is not a school requirement or anything, but this is my hobby- I'll make room for it, even if that means I have to cut on my sleeping, eating and even my shower time.

Here is a sample photo from the shoot:

For the other photos from the shoot, here is the link: Hetalia Cosplay photoshoot

3. I was having driving lessons (got my driver's license already! YAY!- will post a separate blog on that)

4. I am tutoring again :)) but not always, just when I feel like I have the time.

5. JOBHUNTING! (internship actually, but, I feel like it is job hunting already)

This is actually the highlight of the first half of February, everyone in my batch is applying for companies that they'd like to work for as an intern. Well what I did was to collaborate with my friends. First, we scavenged the internet to look for our prospected companies. Then we called them and asked if they accept interns or if they have any internship programs.

Sample conversation with different companies:

Me: Hi, I'm Arlet from (blah blah blah) do you accept undergraduate interns?
HR: We will find out
Me: ... Ah okay, thanks!

Me: Hi, I'm Arlet from (blah blah blah) do you accept undergraduate interns?
HR: Ah wait, I'll ask my supervisor... 
BEEP BEEP BEEP, line busy (pwede naman kasing sabihin na hindi diba?, babaan daw ba ako?!!) THIS HAPPENED THRICE, why do you do that professionals?

I finished paying for my laptop, so no more credit card balance for me, YAY! and I just learned how to use photoshop, audacity and movie maker (will be studying how to use premiere elements and illustrator) How cool is this month. 

Learn. Live. Love. Laugh!

What is good government to me?

Twenty-five years ago, the People Power revolution not only marked the end of the Marcos dictatorship and the restoration of our democracy, it also meant the beginning of a search for what truly constitutes good government. 

Indeed, the first official act of President Corazon Aquino was the creation of the Presidential Commission on Good Government which was tasked to, among other things, adopt safeguards and institute adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption. (PCGG, 2011)

Today, PCGG is asking us (college students, born in the post-EDSA period about what we think a good government is, here is my answer, here is 'our' answer)

Just in case youtube deletes this video, here is the same video uploaded in vimeo: Good government

"Ang isang mabuting gobyerno ay hindi na nangangailangan ng isa pang Edsa"

This is an entry for the short film competition for college students with the topic "What is good government to me?" This film was made by 6 college students of UP Manila namely Arlet, Mariz, Artem, Danna, Jama and Pris. 

We see apathy as the main problem of our government; people don't know and they don't care. They're apathetic with the system. To have a good government, we should all care as one- and we don't need another EDSA revolution for that.