February 23, 2011

What is good government to me?

Twenty-five years ago, the People Power revolution not only marked the end of the Marcos dictatorship and the restoration of our democracy, it also meant the beginning of a search for what truly constitutes good government. 

Indeed, the first official act of President Corazon Aquino was the creation of the Presidential Commission on Good Government which was tasked to, among other things, adopt safeguards and institute adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption. (PCGG, 2011)

Today, PCGG is asking us (college students, born in the post-EDSA period about what we think a good government is, here is my answer, here is 'our' answer)

Just in case youtube deletes this video, here is the same video uploaded in vimeo: Good government

"Ang isang mabuting gobyerno ay hindi na nangangailangan ng isa pang Edsa"

This is an entry for the short film competition for college students with the topic "What is good government to me?" This film was made by 6 college students of UP Manila namely Arlet, Mariz, Artem, Danna, Jama and Pris. 

We see apathy as the main problem of our government; people don't know and they don't care. They're apathetic with the system. To have a good government, we should all care as one- and we don't need another EDSA revolution for that.

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