March 8, 2011

The Macho and the single ladies

Upon going home I rode a public jeepney. The driver turned on the radio, and the Beyonce song was on...He may have turned the volume to the maximum level because, I had a hard time hearing my own thoughts- seriously. 

I don't know if I was on drugs or what but I saw John Cena rode in. LOLjk no, but he has a body like John Cena's. I imagined that if I ripped his shirt apart, there'd be guns and knives underneath, and he'd kill me for ripping his damn shirt- not that I randomly rip people's shirts off. But really, he looks terrifying...

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I got scared for myself and the other passengers, I was looking at him and thinking to myself 'oh man, this is great, this guy will announce holdup and he will rob my new cellphone (oh yeah, I got a  new one!)

GYAHAHAHAHA forgive my thoughts, I haven't had much sleep since last week. Because of that crazy idea, I was looking at the guy intently, planning my moves, thinking of what if's and whatnot. I was paranoid and freaked out, until the guy sing in chorus with the radio music.

"All the single ladies, All the single ladies
Now put your hands up.. oh oh oh. oh ooh oooh"

Bingo we're safe! GYAHAHAHA


  1. GYAHAHA yes, well there are lots of random shits happening in a public jeepney/MRT/LRT - so amusing :)


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