April 26, 2011

Fat Food Mania

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You're guilty of it,
And I am also.

Most, if not all eat at fast foods nowadays, well who wouldn't? I am sure that girls would go crazy for that twister fries of McDonalds, or what have you.

Anyway, fast foods include a heck lot of things like processed meats, street foods, frozen foods, canned goods, instant noodles and of course our usual notion of fast foods, the one that you can buy at any QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) which is what I'll discuss.

Let's deal with our fast food addiction by being logical (so we need to examine why we always come back wanting for more)

Why the irresistible pull?

1. Convenience and Affordability- Living in this fast paced world, we want everything fast so that we could continue with our game, whatever that game is. Aside from that, we must admit that it is cheap, especially if one is living alone.

2.Great PR/Advertising- With the power of today's ad agencies, you would even think that toilet papers

Pharmaceutical Companies: Health or Wealth

Pharmaceutical Companies:  We have wealth issues to solve, take your health issues with you.
(repost from my previous blog)

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications.  Pharmaceutical companies can deal in generic and/or brand medications. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and marketing of drugs (Wikipedia, 2010).

 From this definition alone, these companies should have the heart to help people who are in need of medication, they should deliver medicines that will promote the best interest of the majority, and that best interest I would argue should be health.

Of course, this industry is very much profit oriented and a capitalist from every angle I look at, and that can't be helped. Money still makes the corporate world go round after all, but to hamper and drag down others movements that can help more people grab health opportunities is just sick and twisted. Running a business at the expense of other peoples lives deteriorates humanity. 

"There is a direct conflict between the pursuit of health and the pursuit of wealth"
 -J.W. Smith, The Worlds Wasted Wealth 2, (Institute for Economic Democracy, 1994), p. 82.

The Pursuit of Wealth

1.Its not the world's property, you know? (Patents)

"Intellectual property differs from other property, restricting its use is inefficient as it costs nothing for another person to use it. Using knowledge to help someone does not prevent that knowledge from helping others. Intellectual property rights, however, enable one person or company to have exclusive control of the use of a particular piece of knowledge, thereby creating monopoly power. Monopolies distort the economy. Restricting the use of medical knowledge not only affects economic efficiency, but also life itself. We tolerate such restrictions in the belief that they might

Uncovering social intelligence

Social Intelligence: The Revolutionary New Science of Human Relationships (repost from my previous microsite)

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About the Author
Daniel Goleman is an author, psychologist, science journalist and an individual whom the overall persona cannot be captured in a written biography alone. He was born in Stockton, California on March 7, 1946, the leading tip of the tidal wave post-war baby boomers (Goleman, 2006). His parents were college professors of humanities and sociology so he thought of being one as well, but writing appealed to him so much that he became a science journalist for New York Times for twelve years. He's very interested with researches on emotions and the brain that he decided to write a book, and so Emotional Intelligence came to be. It was so successful that he had less and less time for writing in the Times, that's why he left the paper and devoted his efforts to the message of the book. His other works include Working with Emotional Intelligence, Harvard Business Review on What Makes a Leader, Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence, Destructive Emotions, Social Intelligence and Ecological Intelligence. He continues to write in Massachusetts where his wife Tara and he live (Goleman, 2006).


Random photo from the internet

Our brains are wired to connect with other peoples brain, thats why we continue to react and interact with them. When someone shouts in an angry voice, we tend to react in an angry manner too but if someone smiles at us, we tend to smile back at them. This is because emotions and actions are contagious, and we have to learn how to give off positive emotions and actions so as to positively affect our world. We have to keep in mind that whatever happens, we cannot not communicate. If that is the case then, lets communicate a positive aura.

Knowing how to effectively empathize with other people is a measure of Social Intelligence. In this modern world where being absorbed with our work and neglecting the people around us have become the norms, we have to learn to fix our interpersonal relationships, to treat people as a "you" and not just an "it". Being too self centered kills empathy, when one is too absorbed with himself/herself, s/he fails to focus on other people, with this lack of attention, empathy doesn't stand a chance. Whenever we disregard the feelings and thoughts of someone, we are treating that someone as an it. When physicians see patients as only patients, and not human beings

April 21, 2011

Not Asking For It

I'm sure you've already encountered a lady in skirt who's going up through an escalator, or going down through a transparent glass elevator, and if you happen to be at the angle where her leg area can be seen, nice place!

Well, anyway, that happened to me, except I was the one wearing skirt. Tuesday morning, out for work- OJT rather, I was off to my office, 24th floor, the enterprise center building. I was on the escalator- going up. I was looking down and I noticed that a young guy was busy staring at my skirt- hasn't even noticed I was looking at him. I was wearing denim shorts underneath because I plan to tuck in the dress after work and just be on shorts, but I guess he didn't know that.

So I let him knew GYAHAHAHA

I abruptly pulled up my dress and looked at him. The expression on his face, priceless. He looked away immediately and went down the escalator that was going up.

Image from lookbook advertisement- I guess :))

What I did may not be civilized but so was his actions.
He was wearing a nice corporate outfit- very gentleman looking.

Now people, I'm telling you- don't tell us ladies how to dress, tell men not to be such perverts.

Society have been munching this bullshit that style and fashion is just another term for slutty, and that women who get raped are asking for it. Enough with that close-minded reasoning because there's nothing wrong with mini skirts or whatever. It's those dirty minds that are wrong.

April 5, 2011

Did you even try to look at them?

I walk pass them every single day.
I tell myself, 'well, I can't help everyone in the world'
But then again, "myself" replies 'but this is one person I could'

It's so hard to care when you're already comfortable, but it's quite alarming when you're already comfortable with their reality.

April 3, 2011

Beer goggles revealed

Do you remember that thirsty Thursday night when he suddenly looked more handsome than he could ever get? What about that night when you thought that 'You're the man' for taking her home, only to scream 'You're a man!' after waking up. If you do, then there's no mistaking, you must be wearing your beer goggles that time.

Beer goggles effect is the phenomenon when people around you suddenly looks more attractive than before you were drunk. Yes, our perception of attractiveness gets affected by alcohol- so they say. Different researches explains different theories.

First is that, alcohol stimulates a part of our brain(nucleus accumbens) that is responsible for deciding how attractive an individual is. The more stimulated that part of the brain is, the more attractive others become (as suggested by your brain). 

The second explanation talks about symmetry. Scientists say that our discernment of attractiveness depends on symmetry. That is the more symmetrical the features of a person is, the more attractive he/she is. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when we're drunk, our ability to judge symmetry gets distorted so we tend to think that everyone has symmetrical features, thus thinking that they're more attractive. 

Despite that, scientist argued that men's ability to judge someone's age isn't affected by alcohol so that shouldn't hamper in cases against men having sex with minors. Also, they found that women are more affected by this phenomenon, for reasons I don't know.

So how was last night? =D

April 2, 2011

I love my batch mates, who wouldn't?

It was the last day before the deadline of a significant requirement. If I fail to submit it, I'd surely be a year delayed for graduation. But it wasn't a big deal for me, not for me who hasn't got a decent sleep in 23438429 years.
'Twas almost midnight and I was losing my sanity; I wasn't in the mood and I seriously wanted to sleep. I didn't care anymore if I don't graduate on time. Well, so what? Two of my closest friends aren't also. With that in mind, I texted my mom:
Me: Ma, what if I don't graduate on time?
Ma: it's okay.
That being her reply, I didn't care about the requirement anymore. I posted a status in my facebook hinting that I plan to just be delayed for graduation rather than finish the requirement. Then I just slept.

I woke up around 8 am, It was my longest sleep since 23438429 years ago. I needed that to refresh and replenish all of my sanity; and so it did. 

I was in my rightest mind and it was telling me that I want to graduate on time. I don't wanna be delayed. With that, I opened my facebook and looked for updates regarding the assignment. More than updates, I found encouraging words from my batch mates telling me that I could do it and that I should do it. Some, even threatening me to do it. Huhu really sweet you guys :")
With those words? Of course I did it ;)

My batch mates are amazing and I love them, They are the people who make 'those' moments count.

For last (last) night, thank you.
  • KL, Luigi, Isa, Maine, Kye, Vistal, Randell, Rz- for replying to my messages- thanks!
  • Erica, Migs, Luigi, Bea- whether or not your purpose was to encourage me, I was encouraged, so thanks! GYAHAHAHA
  • Belli, for buying my envelope and clip :)) GYAHAHA thanks!
There'll be more moments to make with you guys, Let's graduate, okay? 
  1. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria comforted me because my father was hospitalized
  2. That moment when Artem, Jelly and V offered unsolicited pieces of advice because I ran away from home
  3. That moment when Jared bought my medicine because I was sick
  4. That moment when Ruth bought my food because I was sick
  5. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria cut classes with me because it was a boring class and yeah, it's boring.
  6. That moment when Jelly, Artem and V went to my place to help me study for Math 11, but THEY watched porn instead (wtf)
  7. That moment when Janel lent me her tripod because I was so frustrated looking for one
  8. That moment when Rz and V continuously encouraged me during my first (and last) hosting break
  9. That moment when Dien comforted me because I thought I failed stat exam
  10. Those moments with my batch mates that I didn't include here but still mean a lot to me, you guys are all awesome. For that alone, thank you.