April 3, 2011

Beer goggles revealed

Do you remember that thirsty Thursday night when he suddenly looked more handsome than he could ever get? What about that night when you thought that 'You're the man' for taking her home, only to scream 'You're a man!' after waking up. If you do, then there's no mistaking, you must be wearing your beer goggles that time.

Beer goggles effect is the phenomenon when people around you suddenly looks more attractive than before you were drunk. Yes, our perception of attractiveness gets affected by alcohol- so they say. Different researches explains different theories.

First is that, alcohol stimulates a part of our brain(nucleus accumbens) that is responsible for deciding how attractive an individual is. The more stimulated that part of the brain is, the more attractive others become (as suggested by your brain). 

The second explanation talks about symmetry. Scientists say that our discernment of attractiveness depends on symmetry. That is the more symmetrical the features of a person is, the more attractive he/she is. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when we're drunk, our ability to judge symmetry gets distorted so we tend to think that everyone has symmetrical features, thus thinking that they're more attractive. 

Despite that, scientist argued that men's ability to judge someone's age isn't affected by alcohol so that shouldn't hamper in cases against men having sex with minors. Also, they found that women are more affected by this phenomenon, for reasons I don't know.

So how was last night? =D

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