April 26, 2011

Fat Food Mania

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You're guilty of it,
And I am also.

Most, if not all eat at fast foods nowadays, well who wouldn't? I am sure that girls would go crazy for that twister fries of McDonalds, or what have you.

Anyway, fast foods include a heck lot of things like processed meats, street foods, frozen foods, canned goods, instant noodles and of course our usual notion of fast foods, the one that you can buy at any QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) which is what I'll discuss.

Let's deal with our fast food addiction by being logical (so we need to examine why we always come back wanting for more)

Why the irresistible pull?

1. Convenience and Affordability- Living in this fast paced world, we want everything fast so that we could continue with our game, whatever that game is. Aside from that, we must admit that it is cheap, especially if one is living alone.

2.Great PR/Advertising- With the power of today's ad agencies, you would even think that toilet papers
and Pringles could save the world. Well, seriously fast food restaurants have great advertisements, really great.


Why should we not be that ecstatic about it?

1.Lots of health issues- fast foods have great amount of sodium, cholesterol, trans fat, and leptin. The first three content, if taken in such large quantity could lead to increased blood pressure, obesity and clogged arteries. Too much leptin on the other hand may result to addictiveness because it somehow makes our hypothalamus insensitive. Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls our eating behavior.

2.Lifestyle changer, ain't for the better though (bitch, right?)  Eating at fast foods cuts our time spent with our families (well, for Filipinos that is), makes the yuppies illiterate when it comes to cooking their own meals and maybe something else.

So what do we do now? Make careful menu selections, duh! I just wished that BFAD would imposed a law that would make major QSR reveal the nutritional content of the foods they sell.

In the end, I would still eat at fast food restaurant
Why? Because it is my informed choice.
I know what the repercussions will be if I overindulge or something;

I know it, so I take control.

Mind over matter, alright?


  1. Hi Rz! yep and a strong smell comes free with it too


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