April 2, 2011

I love my batch mates, who wouldn't?

It was the last day before the deadline of a significant requirement. If I fail to submit it, I'd surely be a year delayed for graduation. But it wasn't a big deal for me, not for me who hasn't got a decent sleep in 23438429 years.
'Twas almost midnight and I was losing my sanity; I wasn't in the mood and I seriously wanted to sleep. I didn't care anymore if I don't graduate on time. Well, so what? Two of my closest friends aren't also. With that in mind, I texted my mom:
Me: Ma, what if I don't graduate on time?
Ma: it's okay.
That being her reply, I didn't care about the requirement anymore. I posted a status in my facebook hinting that I plan to just be delayed for graduation rather than finish the requirement. Then I just slept.

I woke up around 8 am, It was my longest sleep since 23438429 years ago. I needed that to refresh and replenish all of my sanity; and so it did. 

I was in my rightest mind and it was telling me that I want to graduate on time. I don't wanna be delayed. With that, I opened my facebook and looked for updates regarding the assignment. More than updates, I found encouraging words from my batch mates telling me that I could do it and that I should do it. Some, even threatening me to do it. Huhu really sweet you guys :")
With those words? Of course I did it ;)

My batch mates are amazing and I love them, They are the people who make 'those' moments count.

For last (last) night, thank you.
  • KL, Luigi, Isa, Maine, Kye, Vistal, Randell, Rz- for replying to my messages- thanks!
  • Erica, Migs, Luigi, Bea- whether or not your purpose was to encourage me, I was encouraged, so thanks! GYAHAHAHA
  • Belli, for buying my envelope and clip :)) GYAHAHA thanks!
There'll be more moments to make with you guys, Let's graduate, okay? 
  1. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria comforted me because my father was hospitalized
  2. That moment when Artem, Jelly and V offered unsolicited pieces of advice because I ran away from home
  3. That moment when Jared bought my medicine because I was sick
  4. That moment when Ruth bought my food because I was sick
  5. That moment when Jelly, Belli, V and Ria cut classes with me because it was a boring class and yeah, it's boring.
  6. That moment when Jelly, Artem and V went to my place to help me study for Math 11, but THEY watched porn instead (wtf)
  7. That moment when Janel lent me her tripod because I was so frustrated looking for one
  8. That moment when Rz and V continuously encouraged me during my first (and last) hosting break
  9. That moment when Dien comforted me because I thought I failed stat exam
  10. Those moments with my batch mates that I didn't include here but still mean a lot to me, you guys are all awesome. For that alone, thank you.


  1. Awwww. :)) We can do this together! :)) lez graduate on time!

  2. HAHA! omg, ngayon ko lang nabasa to! OO nga, WHO WOULDN'T LOVE US? HAHAHAHAHA!

    haters gonna hate (if there are.)

  3. GYAHAHA we love us, that's enough :))

  4. OMG I'm famous! Jk. It's because we love our bread and butter and each other whut

  5. Oo nga V, you're all over the place! :)))


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