May 5, 2011

My mum is a virgin

My mom gave me a white envelope containing some crumpled paper. I asked her what it was, she said 'USB flash drive'. I opened it and true enough, it was. I then asked her why it was covered in paper and envelope. Her reply?

"Well, we wouldn't want it catching up a virus, do we?"

AFGHSKSHDKLASH my mum was serious, Of course, I told her that computer virus isn't air-borne, she said she believes me but then she said that "You could never be too careful" GYAHAHAHAHA

Oh mother, what do I do with you. GYAHAHAH
Still, I love her. She's such a tech-virgin. Actually my parents are both tech-virgins but for now:

Happy mother's day mum!
Well, she won't be able to read this anyway. Geez, I need to think of a mother's day gift now.

Happy mum's day to all the mums out there!


  1. Hehe kahit naman mabasa nya yan eh, matutuwa lang yun malamang. Cheesy pero sweet haha. Yay for mothers day!

  2. NO. HAHA ayoko nga na mabasa niya tuh... AWKWARD.
    HAHAHAH pero yep, yay for mama's day!


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