June 19, 2011

A night and a half in Davao

Davao is very popular for its durian fruit and Mt. Apo. Unfortunately, this blog post has nothing to do with it because (1) it's not the season for durian yet (2) I was unable to visit Mt. Apo.

But there's no need to despair since Davao obviously has a lot more to offer than those, so here goes my one and a half day stay in Davao

1. TRANSPOrmers (Amazing means of public transport)
A. Trikyjeep - I call it a trikyjeep because surely it can't be a tricycle- it's like saying that Garfield is a rabbit and of course I would contest to that, but really, you can't fool me, THAT is NOT a tricyle GYAHAHAH It's more like a jeep with 3 wheels, hence trikyjeep. 

B. Motorcyles/ Habal habal - The idea of motorcycles as a means of public transport is genius, you can just wear your shades, and grin like a boss. Besides, it can go up and down the hills without much problem. Although, I have been wondering how the 4 of us (including the driver and our luggage) fitted in that puny-looking vehicle.  

Unfortunately, my beloved Manila is not yet ready for this kind of public transport.

C. Barge- Headed for Samal island, we rode a bus which was transported thru a barge. Well, nothing felt magical or so (GYAHAHA not that I wanted it to be magical) but the idea of being transported via barge is still amazing for me. It's like transpoception or something (OKAY FINE, I'M WEIRD =D)

2. Maxima Resort, Samal 

No white sand for you here, in fact, no sand at all, just corals. It's like a cliff or idk, plateau? GYAHAHA, whatever. There's just a giant slide that you could use to get into the water or you could just dive if you feel like hitting it on with the waves (don't worry about getting cramps coz you'll be provided with float vest, but it sucks coz you won't be able to go deep in the sea). There are lots of fishes too so you could go snorkeling. I advise you to remove your vest but only if you're confident with your swimming ability.  

3. Legazpi Suites (Feels like Cubao Expo)
If you like Cubao Expo then you'd most probably like it here. There are different stores like pastry shops and bars inside. I've also heard that they usually hold LGBT parties here so no doubt about the place's beauty and tranquility. Booze out!

4. Abreeza (The newly open mall with a breath taking food court)
The food court's interior is fantastic!- especially during sunset. Just an aside but I saw a group of people who seem to be having a tumblr meet up :") hihi. 

5. What I may have regretted to miss
1km zipline- I've been looking forward to this ever since I've heard of it, but I guess I chickened out and just tried the shorter version instead,  but I'll man up next time! 

So that's it for my one and half day stay in Davao, it might be short but it was more than worth it. Thanks to the Suarez family for accommodating us and of course happy birthday Jelly, we love you! 

Until next time! (and hopefully it won't be just a one night stand)

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