June 15, 2011

Not my boss(es)

My peers and I were having a conversation about our internship which led to talks about our bosses. They were babbling on how much of a jerk their bosses were.

Well, not my boss(es)
On the contrary, they are the most amazing people I've met this summer, most definitely (excluding the 'manong' motorcycle driver that we rode on back in Davao- but that's another story).

Actually I only have one boss but since I was an intern, I put myself on the bottom of the hierarchy and consider everyone as my boss, so here they are:

To be honest, I am more of an integrated marketing/advertising/PR/events organizing/editorial/ entrepreneur person so I am not that jumpy into being an HR intern but I wanted to try it just to make sure that I am not killing any opportunities prematurely. So yeah, my second internship was in the HR division, career management to be exact, and then I met these wonderful people:

1. Kuya Mar
He's actually not my boss but I do call him boss sometimes. I greet him everyday and he never fails to crack a joke. He has the height of Yao Ming (not that it matters though)

2. Miss Kat
She's usually compose but she worries about things more than others do. She doesn't use too much euphemisms either. There was a day when I was printing for the longest time and she told me "so that's all you're gonna do today, print?"HAHAH at first I thought she was bitch slapping me, but then I figured out that it was actually an honest question. 

3. Miss Nikki
She's the four eyed femme fatale of the group. She wears glasses and "fetching" clothes. She seems carefree too, but the only 'conversation' I had with her was during my last day, when she told me that she was hungry. LOLjk, She always smiles at me though :)

4. Sir JR
He's the only guy in the group (and the group is filled with pretty ladies-OOPSIE) He's the decent guy who says something like "she's already 26 years old, but she looks like a 15yr old" then he'll laugh really hard with that husky voice of his (and everyone will laugh and mock him LOL) Sometimes I wonder if he sleeps in the office coz I always see him coming out of the conference room in the morning then I'd remember people saying he never does OT. Oh well.

5. Miss Soty
She looks aloof but is actually very nice. Once, she asked me why I was still in the office (her tone of voice sounded like I should not be in the office because she doesn't want me there so I should just pack my things and go home already, but of course that's not the case- I hope so, eeep...) so I responded with "aalis na po ako (I'm already leaving, ma'am), with an apologetic voice. "Teehee"

6. Miss Nash
She's very cute and reserved; I think "THE Sir Ramon Bautista" would like her, however Ramon Bautista is my ultimate crush as of the moment, so let's leave it at that- HAHA. Oh and she's also super sweet because she gave my original boss a frappe one afternoon, and because she always smiles at me too :)  

7. Miss Catie
She's the youngest- we're almost the same age actually. Just like, sir Jr, she's also a favorite target of the jokes. It's funny when they act like an English family with an English accent and English names (how English could they get?) and she's the adopted daughter with the PhD so everyone in the family is concerned that she might be using the family's wealth (They're the Van Helsing family btw)

8. Miss Dana
She's the no-nonsense woman who likes banana and is very nice when it comes to my boss. She got the split personality thing because she shifts from strict to perky depending on whom she's talking with. I think she and Sir Jr are the most decisive of them all, but I'm not sure.

9. Miss Angel
She uses words like teehee and kthankbye. People always call her sir on the phone. She easily gets (or at least appear to get) twitterpated over something/someone. She's another femme fatale. Need I say more?

10. Miss Coo
Aside from the fact that her phone is almost always hung up, I find her the funniest of them all. I don't know why but she seems to say her jokes at the "wrongest" time possible. She's like a relative of Susan Sontag or something for being so campy. She utters weird sounds like "awwwww!!!" (imagine Sex Bomb of the early 20's) or "uy!" whenever she finds it "appropriate"- with the meaning of appropriate being subjective.

11.Miss Karee
My original and awesome boss. She heads most of the 'surprise' parties in the office. She also gets twitterpated a lot but hey she threw a mini party for me on my last training day. She's the sweetest boss ever, she's surprisingly easy to please too. 

She asked me to make a poster for a job fair, I sketched my idea then she asked me to draft the poster in the office laptop. I said that there are no photo editing software installed, then she said, ah it's okay there's MS paint there, you can use that.- Eeeeppp, I was like, should I say challenge accepted or should I laugh?

I wasn't gonna publish this until I get my evaluation form from my boss but I have to finish my pending blogs or else I'm gonna feel lazy about it and I won't do it at all. Anyway, I love them all!


  1. should've asked you to apply in our PR firm for internship. we have a gazillion events ongoing. sayang, baka na-enjoy mo! :p

  2. GYAHAHA I bet I would have enjoyed that! Pero okay lang, I enjoyed naman sa HR eh, pero fun nga sana kung naexperience ko din ang PR (corpcomm and pr yung target ko pero ads and hr yung naging reality HAHAHA)


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