June 15, 2011

Why I wanted to take up Law

There were two things that I wanted to pursue, first was to be an animator and the second was to be a lawyer. Being an animator seemed like a logical career path back in my elementary days; everyone liked my drawings and I like anime.

However, I was mentally pushing myself to be greater and become a lawyer. It was only during my first year in college that I changed my mind. Everything had to do with my brother. Back then, I wanted to be a lawyer because I was so sure that my brother would be convicted for something someday and I wanted to make sure that I'll win the case to our favor. GYAHAHAHA I know I was such a bitch kid for thinking something like that but I was so sure. 

Now, my brother just graduated from college, not with a law degree but a degree in criminology. At least now, I don't have to think that much about him being convicted (Well, I hope so, eeeep)

Congratulations on your graduation Kuya!

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