April 17, 2012

YOOPIE diary

Experiencing University of the Philippines

Tomorrow (at 7:30am) will be our college graduation, and 2 days after (same time) is our University graduation. And the usual dilemma of graduating students haunts me - I can't sleep. That said, here are the random bits and pieces of my UP life (excluding my thesis experience)

1. When I'm late, professors tell otherwise

A. 1st yr, 1st day

P: What time does your class start?
Me: ughm-
P: -I believe it was 5 minutes ago (locks the door, leaving me with a-wtf-happened-face)

Edited: I eventually chose this person as my thesis adviser during my senior year

B. 3rd year, 1st day

Me: Sir, I was late
P: Ah yes, you're absent.

Edited: I never really came to like this professor, but I respect him.

2. How professors and/or students talk

A. 1st year, Math class

Prof: What comes to your mind when you see "x"
Student: Inferiority complex

B. 4th yr, 1st day

Professor: The important thing is that you will all graduate
Student: -no matter how long it takes
Professor: exactly, quality education may take time

Edited: the same thesis adviser I mentioned a while ago

3. How we roll

Because there was a sudden brownout in UP Manila during the finals of most of the students, some stayed inside the class and sweat their brains out (see what I did there? HAHAHA), while some went out instead.
'Iskolar ng Bayan' will adapt. 
Lahat mahirap, walang madali sa UP, walang madali sa buhay.  
UPCAT sana makapasa ako...forever 

4. Complain to jeepney drivers: "Hindi porket walang uniporme, hindi na estudyante"
5. Rally and demonstrations are very common

6. Humor and wit everywhere (can be witnessed especially during random chats, events, vandals, and even application for the University's official publication)

see overheard at UP facebook for other "relevant" posts

7. Classic UP "banats"

A. The batman joke

courtesy of overheard at UP facebook fan page 

B. The annoying question

courtesy of tumblr.com 

Quotes from UP professors and students

A. Be rich, then speak for those who can't
B. We are so deprived that we are pushed to become creative
C. What will you defy for the future to enjoy?
D. Sell your soul to the devil, but know how to buy it back

(Sir Chong, audio visual comm class)

E. If you truly are a great University, produce knowledge and leave the transmission of that knowledge to less great Universities (Sir Paeng)

F. Developed countries exploited our nation and nature, let us fight back through piracy, take their 'knowledge' for free (I don't want to name)

G. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything (Mary Anne)
H. Don't aim to graduate in time, graduate on time (me to myself)
I. When you're a professor, you can't just be chapters ahead, you have to be at least several volumes ahead (Burn)

J. It's a tragedy to think that there's no more hope for the Philippines; what will happen to the 90 million Filipinos living here then? (Ma'am Castillo)

K. You are not trained to win a contest but to do the ultimate goal (Sir Barry)
L. Don't confuse practice with process (Ma'am Aya)
M. A thank you would have sufficed (Sir Vinzons)

UP does not just change people, it hones us. I have to return the favor somehow, because to whom much is given, much is expected.

Honor and excellence, padayon!

See you around!


  1. ah yes, good job. there is no postponing the finals.

  2. But that also holds true for other schools (I think?, I hope so)

  3. Friends na ba kayo ng professor mo? Congratz ha makaka-graduate ka na rin! :-D

    1. Hindi pa (on facebook), HAHAHA inadd ko na. Sana iaccept :)) Thank you! You were a virtual encuragement to me too, You and TCF :))


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