July 31, 2011

Epic Incubus Live in Manila

If I'm gonna be impregnated, I swear to whoever, let it be Incubus (Brandon Boyd to be exact) but that's just me fangirling. If I'm not mistaken, this is only the 3rd time of Incubus to perform here in the Philippines (at least during my lifetime) and I do not have the money to watch the first and 2nd one. Actually I still don't have the money now that's why I could only afford the Upper B ticket. To make matters worse, we were late and it was already a full house when we arrived. This forced us to just stay at the back and stand. I was like, okay this is not a good start.

Then here comes Franco band for front act. I was like, OHMYGOD FRANCO!!! I took out my camera, only to find out that the camera that I've brought  has no zooming capabilities. I was like, DEYM!!! this is not happening. 

Then the dome was pitch black and the crowd was acting up and then the light's back, I can see Brandon Boyd. I can see him and not just on the screen! and they sang megalomaniac adfghdskljdksdjs. I was so happy, it was all so surreal. To see them singing megalomaniac live, to feel the vibration of music around me, oh boy I tell you, just listening to them sing live is enough to make me 

I swear Brandon Boyd is the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on and I'm sure the crowd would agree, because that crowd was the loudest one that I've been with for as long as I can remember, and I didn't even mind. His voice? ASTOUNDING! It was funny because he always say thank you after every song and there was this part when he shouted, yahoo- or something to that effect, I was very much pleased when he did that

It was really awesome guys, at first I was shouting and jumping and singing, then came a point when all I could do was be still in awe. I swear tears run down my face....
Here is a 15 minute summary of what transpired in the big dome last July 28, 2011 during Incubus' concert entitled "If not now, when" 

July 30, 2011

Attention is given but what is needed?

Just recently, I saw this man again.
He isn't a beggar but he sits in the dirty sidewalk of Faura,
He holds a poster with poorly constructed English sentences.
He has a water container covering his head and he looks sad.
He doesn't understand me and I don't understand him either.

click image to enlarge
I wanted to know what to do with him, but I just don't understand what he wants and the longer he stays there, and the longer I think, the more cynical I become.

Define embarrassing in class

I have Saturday classes, but I have not been attending for about a month
because of other things.

Today, I decided to go to class although I forgot what time my class was.
I emailed my classmate and asked her, she seemed to have taken a liking in 
making fun of me first before answering my question. :)) Good thing we're close

It turned out that my class starts at 10, I was always late so I thought of breaking
that habit today. It was a success because I came in by 10:05 AM, it's actually
early compared to my usual habit during Saturday classes. I was really proud of myself. 
(insert a very wide grin here)

Our professor finished checking the attendance; I wasn't called. I raised my hand
and told him that I wasn't called. He was perplexed then he asked for my surname.
I told him.

His hand, her skirt, was it rape?

My friend told me this story that she experienced
while on a bus ride on her way home.
She seem bothered for some unknown reason. From the corner of my eye, I can see her legs move. Well at first, it didn't matter. 
I looked in the mirror in front of us, then I saw it.The man beside her had his hand on her skirt.I was shocked and scared
I looked again just to be sure, and yes I was right, whenever his arm moves, the girl's legs moved as well. 
There was no blatant reaction from the girl,she was just looking outside the window.I wanted to help her, but I didn't know how.
I ended up doing nothing. 
Nothing, until both of them have left the bus together.
The man was around mid thirties, the girl, still in her uniform must have been a sixth grader or a freshman high school... every neurons in my brain told me to do something...but what? but how?

July 25, 2011

Victimized by Dura dura gang

Please don't text me yet. I regret to say this but I was victimized by the Dura-dura gang while on my way home today.

The modus:

1. Someone who looks sick/drunk will sit beside or near you and will spit out in the window. But you are actually the target of that freaking saliva.

2. The people beside you and in front of you will make a fuss about it and you will be grossed out too (well I was freaking out, there was phlegm). They will try to suggest that you put your phone inside your bag if you are currently holding it- and so I did (panic took over, eee)

3. The drunk/sick person will leave and while you're busy cleaning yourself, the person beside you will try to make you go down to have you clean yourself (I didn't, I didn't think that it was practical in all angles)
Snatcher A: Miss, baba ka muna kadiri eh, makihugas ka muna dun
Me: Ayoko nga
Snatcher AMiss, kadiri ka naman, wag ka na manghinayang sa pamasahe mo
Me: Hindi naman ho ako nanghihinayang eh tinatamad ako
Snatcher A: Bakit ka tinatamad, kababae mong tao, tamad ka, paano pag nagasawa ka na? sasabihin mo tinatamad ka? e dugyot ka pala e
Me: ay ganon talaga? PUTA, EH KUNG NANDIDIRI KA, EH DI IKAW YUNG BUMABA! (I was furious)
Snatcher A: Talaga! kadiri ka eh, manong para nga sa tabi
That was when I thought that something was amiss, then I noticed that my bag was opened and that my phone was gone so I made a commotion and actually asked them to give my phone back. That was when I knew that I had nobody to count on in that jeepney because the guy beside me threatened me with a knife so I looked around for help. Unfortunately, they ganged up on me, everyone.

July 20, 2011

More than a pinky swear

I am a communications student that is involved in corporate studies, organizational communication major to be exact. So, expect that I don't joke without citations nor close a deal with just a pinky swear (because unless we're Yakuza, the pinky is always spared) and today, more than a pinky swear, more than a handshake, a memorandum of agreement was made.hihi

While in the library, my friend and I were talking about the movie Three Idiots (must watch!) and the promise (in the movie) that they should meet after 5 years and compare their social statuses. But of course, we're not like that, so instead, we promised that we should put up a business together before we turn 27. The business is not specified but we initially planned it to be a bar (Please visit us someday =D) HAHAHAH but, my good friend here wasn't satisfied with our verbal contract so I made a MOA (click photo to enlarge)

A deal has been made

July 9, 2011

If not now, when?

courtesy of mykusi.com
courtesy of blurayvn.com

Varekai or Incubus live? I was torn between 2 magnificent events happening in Manila this July. I can only afford one and based on the title, I assume you already know which of the two I chose. Yep, Incubus Live. As my friend advised, you can watch something like Varekai someday but with Incubus, you'll never know when they might disband or retire. She's right. To be honest, I don't know cirque du soleil before the promotions, I was just drawn to the colors and the idea of a circus (I've never seen a "real" one). Incubus is different, I've grown a certain amount of attachment to them :")