July 30, 2011

Attention is given but what is needed?

Just recently, I saw this man again.
He isn't a beggar but he sits in the dirty sidewalk of Faura,
He holds a poster with poorly constructed English sentences.
He has a water container covering his head and he looks sad.
He doesn't understand me and I don't understand him either.

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I wanted to know what to do with him, but I just don't understand what he wants and the longer he stays there, and the longer I think, the more cynical I become.

Anyway, here is what's written on the poster: 
MMDA fought me again why again?
I just sat down beside a land company beside on EDSA Boni  Robinsons? for 5 mins. 
5 employees and their truck came, detained me by force (something unclear), why? 
Chinese pay them money. 2 of them shout at me "go back China" 4 of them and 3 (poor?) people attacked my head by (Geng fu?) is this why he has water container in his head, for protection? they (something unclear) driving me to farther place, east of QC how did he know?
then hurt me, but friends who are these friends? who have been (monitoring?) my case what case? stopped them, Must I be killed without international help huh?by whom? for what? 
They tried to rob my money. I locked my bag, they broke my bag. I protected bag, fat employee kicked me, fought me by police stick (bottle plastic?) there are 2 wounds bleeding
they asked me to pay them 300, but I don't have I pay 100, then I left fabella center, Mandaluyong fabella is the place for homeless children right? I'm a foreign person, a refugee of UN refugee??? I have to beg...
the photo was cut, and I can't remember the continuation...
Do you understand him, do you know what he wants to happen and why? If you do, then please do enlighten me so I could do something, hopefully the appropriate thing that needs to be done.

A friend told me that a friend told her that his name is Zhu Dan and that he neither have family nor friends. He also seems to be expecting death too... 


  1. Awww... there will be a lot of heart breaking when you cross the streets of Manila

  2. He's one of the pitiful chinese in Manila. I hope some Filipino-chinese citizen help him.


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