July 30, 2011

Define embarrassing in class

I have Saturday classes, but I have not been attending for about a month
because of other things.

Today, I decided to go to class although I forgot what time my class was.
I emailed my classmate and asked her, she seemed to have taken a liking in 
making fun of me first before answering my question. :)) Good thing we're close

It turned out that my class starts at 10, I was always late so I thought of breaking
that habit today. It was a success because I came in by 10:05 AM, it's actually
early compared to my usual habit during Saturday classes. I was really proud of myself. 
(insert a very wide grin here)

Our professor finished checking the attendance; I wasn't called. I raised my hand
and told him that I wasn't called. He was perplexed then he asked for my surname.
I told him.

"Ah, you're included in the next class right? This is the 7am class," He said.

I swear I could just disintegrate and vanish at that moment, instead I solidified. 
In my mind I was like: OH NO!!! This is just perfect! 

I smiled then I stayed quiet, very quiet.
I heard someone say, excited much?

*transferred from from my previous blog

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