July 31, 2011

Epic Incubus Live in Manila

If I'm gonna be impregnated, I swear to whoever, let it be Incubus (Brandon Boyd to be exact) but that's just me fangirling. If I'm not mistaken, this is only the 3rd time of Incubus to perform here in the Philippines (at least during my lifetime) and I do not have the money to watch the first and 2nd one. Actually I still don't have the money now that's why I could only afford the Upper B ticket. To make matters worse, we were late and it was already a full house when we arrived. This forced us to just stay at the back and stand. I was like, okay this is not a good start.

Then here comes Franco band for front act. I was like, OHMYGOD FRANCO!!! I took out my camera, only to find out that the camera that I've brought  has no zooming capabilities. I was like, DEYM!!! this is not happening. 

Then the dome was pitch black and the crowd was acting up and then the light's back, I can see Brandon Boyd. I can see him and not just on the screen! and they sang megalomaniac adfghdskljdksdjs. I was so happy, it was all so surreal. To see them singing megalomaniac live, to feel the vibration of music around me, oh boy I tell you, just listening to them sing live is enough to make me 

I swear Brandon Boyd is the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on and I'm sure the crowd would agree, because that crowd was the loudest one that I've been with for as long as I can remember, and I didn't even mind. His voice? ASTOUNDING! It was funny because he always say thank you after every song and there was this part when he shouted, yahoo- or something to that effect, I was very much pleased when he did that

It was really awesome guys, at first I was shouting and jumping and singing, then came a point when all I could do was be still in awe. I swear tears run down my face....
Here is a 15 minute summary of what transpired in the big dome last July 28, 2011 during Incubus' concert entitled "If not now, when" 

I love them. I love Franco. I love Brandon Boyd. I love Incubus.
Fuck all, these guys are freaking awesome
Nice to know you, goodbye :)

*Please come back maybe next year or the year after, I swear I'll buy a VIP standing ticket. Stay awesome... Incubus is your rightful name.

*so many swear for one blog post :))

*Ovations productions sells quite expensive tickets yet their amplifiers experienced some glitches during megalomaniac...I think that pissed Mike a little, anyway Mike, you're still amazing :))


  1. upper B is not so bad, at least you're there!!! haha

  2. Yep, Incubus made it epic for everyone :))

  3. Incubus is not just about Brandon

  4. Yes I agree, It's just that it's my own preference to highlight Brandon Boyd since he's one of my ultimate crush :) hmmmm... thanks for dropping by!

  5. You just made me regret not going to this concert. Haha. I felt your excitement, priceless. :) Anyway you write well, and interesting stories. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. ;) Keep blogging.

  6. GYAHAHA thanks Mike(?), of course I don't mind, you also write well btw so keep those posts coming too :)

  7. I love Incubus. I wish I can see them perform live soon. :-( I hope they'll visit Davao. Haha pa-importante ako. :D

  8. GYAHAHA yes, you should see them live, amazing :)) Ah you're from Davao!

  9. Viola!! napadpad lang sa blog mo hehe ^_^

    wew! nasa concert din kami !!! but my friends are over reacting when they saw Brandon Boyd.. parang hindi mga tunay na lalake hehe ^_^

    love ur blog! ^_^

  10. Hi Xan! kahit TNL magdududa sa pagkalalaki nila kapag nakita si brandon boyd :)) hihi


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