July 30, 2011

His hand, her skirt, was it rape?

My friend told me this story that she experienced
while on a bus ride on her way home.
She seem bothered for some unknown reason. From the corner of my eye, I can see her legs move. Well at first, it didn't matter. 
I looked in the mirror in front of us, then I saw it.The man beside her had his hand on her skirt.I was shocked and scared
I looked again just to be sure, and yes I was right, whenever his arm moves, the girl's legs moved as well. 
There was no blatant reaction from the girl,she was just looking outside the window.I wanted to help her, but I didn't know how.
I ended up doing nothing. 
Nothing, until both of them have left the bus together.
The man was around mid thirties, the girl, still in her uniform must have been a sixth grader or a freshman high school... every neurons in my brain told me to do something...but what? but how?
When my friend told me this story, I was disgusted and very mad at the guy
Thoughts filled my mind on what I would have done, or what I could have done.
Hypothetical situations that took so long for me to think about, but then would
I really have acted on it?  I hope so. I can't say, I don't know.

I'm sympathetic, but am I empathetic?

Humans have the tendency for altruism. We'd like to do the right thing
as much as possible although sometimes we become too absorbed
in our own problems, or the consequences that awaits us.

My friend was stressed out by the fact that the girl may have been asking help
from her but she wasn't able to.

I know that it is a sad fact, but she showed something very important.
She was paying attention and concern towards the people around her.
She was attuned, and it is the start.

Lacking attention, empathy doesn't stand a chance.

I truly believe that my friend is a good person who has concern and
courage to help others, it may not be her full potential yet, but she'll come to that
and I hope, I will too. 

(transferred from my previous blog)

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