July 9, 2011

If not now, when?

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Varekai or Incubus live? I was torn between 2 magnificent events happening in Manila this July. I can only afford one and based on the title, I assume you already know which of the two I chose. Yep, Incubus Live. As my friend advised, you can watch something like Varekai someday but with Incubus, you'll never know when they might disband or retire. She's right. To be honest, I don't know cirque du soleil before the promotions, I was just drawn to the colors and the idea of a circus (I've never seen a "real" one). Incubus is different, I've grown a certain amount of attachment to them :")

That said, I bought 2 tickets for Incubus, yay!

I am so thankful to my friend (chi) who promised to accompany me despite the fact that she has a morning class the day after, and that she had no idea what Incubus is. GYAHAHAHA, she actually asked me if it was a movie or something and if it was horror or not. Anyway I love you muah, see you!

So yeah, I'm gonna absent from my class in debate and argumentation to listen to them. Hear! Hear! BTW I don't know about you, but Incubus is the reason why I had the belief that having sex with a singer sounds good and fun. Well, I guess that's just Brandon Boyd, or me :)) hihi 

Not that you want to know but I heard that Franco will be the front act for Incubus :) 

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  1. You came up the right choice:)



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