July 20, 2011

More than a pinky swear

I am a communications student that is involved in corporate studies, organizational communication major to be exact. So, expect that I don't joke without citations nor close a deal with just a pinky swear (because unless we're Yakuza, the pinky is always spared) and today, more than a pinky swear, more than a handshake, a memorandum of agreement was made.hihi

While in the library, my friend and I were talking about the movie Three Idiots (must watch!) and the promise (in the movie) that they should meet after 5 years and compare their social statuses. But of course, we're not like that, so instead, we promised that we should put up a business together before we turn 27. The business is not specified but we initially planned it to be a bar (Please visit us someday =D) HAHAHAH but, my good friend here wasn't satisfied with our verbal contract so I made a MOA (click photo to enlarge)

A deal has been made

Why 27? because we decided that it's enough the time we need to be 'successful'. We'd have enough capital to fund the business and we'd have gained enough relevant experiences already (As for me, I hope I have gained pounds by then) And here comes Jared and his optimism for our business, so he promised to fund the 'bar' without conditions (rich kid, hopefully not talkshit) GYAHAHAHAHA

Funny thing is, there is no clause in the agreement about any sanctions for failure to comply, not because we're scared but because of the premise. The premise is that we're 'successful' by that time and failure to do so is not an option for us. There's this notion that we've got to own a business, and failure to do so is a sanction in itself.

So I, Arlet Villanueva,  a 19 year old OrCom student of UP Manila, wrote this blog today July 20, 2011 in partial documentation of my promise with Erica Robert Defensor and Jared Almodovar to put up a business together before one of us turn 27.

The deal with Jared Almodovar was never sealed, it was merely a verbal contract, no documents were signed or whatever BUT a promise is a promise, if he breaks it, more than a pinky will be cut :))

Cross my heart,
Hope to die,
Stick a needle in my eye

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