July 25, 2011

Victimized by Dura dura gang

Please don't text me yet. I regret to say this but I was victimized by the Dura-dura gang while on my way home today.

The modus:

1. Someone who looks sick/drunk will sit beside or near you and will spit out in the window. But you are actually the target of that freaking saliva.

2. The people beside you and in front of you will make a fuss about it and you will be grossed out too (well I was freaking out, there was phlegm). They will try to suggest that you put your phone inside your bag if you are currently holding it- and so I did (panic took over, eee)

3. The drunk/sick person will leave and while you're busy cleaning yourself, the person beside you will try to make you go down to have you clean yourself (I didn't, I didn't think that it was practical in all angles)
Snatcher A: Miss, baba ka muna kadiri eh, makihugas ka muna dun
Me: Ayoko nga
Snatcher AMiss, kadiri ka naman, wag ka na manghinayang sa pamasahe mo
Me: Hindi naman ho ako nanghihinayang eh tinatamad ako
Snatcher A: Bakit ka tinatamad, kababae mong tao, tamad ka, paano pag nagasawa ka na? sasabihin mo tinatamad ka? e dugyot ka pala e
Me: ay ganon talaga? PUTA, EH KUNG NANDIDIRI KA, EH DI IKAW YUNG BUMABA! (I was furious)
Snatcher A: Talaga! kadiri ka eh, manong para nga sa tabi
That was when I thought that something was amiss, then I noticed that my bag was opened and that my phone was gone so I made a commotion and actually asked them to give my phone back. That was when I knew that I had nobody to count on in that jeepney because the guy beside me threatened me with a knife so I looked around for help. Unfortunately, they ganged up on me, everyone.
I gave my phone up. I was no match for 6 probably-armed goons. I was dismayed. I am dismayed, mortified. I was always the responsible, careful, alert, and strong one but today marks that difference. Today, I was stupidly victimized. Another reason to be very cynical of people around you.

I don't want to believe that I'll get the justice that I deserve all because of karma, since if that's is the case, then maybe this is my karma too, karma helps no one. When you're fucked, you help yourself. 


The driver is in it too because with all the commotion happening, he pretended to be clueless and asked me after the guys have left. It was pretty obvious (now that I think about it), the guys made a commotion by asking for rags..and he didn't even give a damn to ask why (at that moment). He may not be a direct accomplice, but he certainly knows what was going to happen.

How could I have been so foolish. 
How could I have been so foolish.


  1. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. OMG! This happened to me two years ago. I had almost the exact same experience like yours. I also thought back then that was a whole setup and everyone was in it including the driver. When I was already panicking, no one even asked me or noticed anything wrong. I feel sad and angry that this is still happening. :( It's good to know they didn't harm you.

  3. Oh my! I did a research about this modus and the earliest post that I've seen was last 2005. This means that a lot of people have been victimized and that the general public is still unwarned... This makes me really angry too...

  4. happened to my officemates too.. >_<

  5. encountered it at the bus while im on my way home form cubao,although its not me the victim. I tried to save the guy sitting next to me( hes the victim. . . well almost). They have this kind of sticky thing na ilalagay sayo then they will try to confuse you. Ayun! nung nakita ko sumigaw ako ng snatcher! hehe

  6. Awww, good thing that you guys were able to prevent the modus from succeeding :)

  7. Hi. I know matagal na tong post na to pero I 'almost' got victimized sa modus na ito last Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013. Nagrereaearch ako about the modus and napunta sa blog.

    Anyway, buti nalang nakatunog ako nung napansin kong nakaoverlap yung bag nung katabi ko sa bag ko. I knew it right then that something is wrong. Nung start palang pinipilit nila akong mandiri sa dura sa polo at pants ko dahil ang baho daw at baka may TB yung baklang dumura at mahawa pa daw ako. Meron ding dura sa likod ko tsaka sa buhok ko daw para lalo akong mandiri. Tinanong nila ako kung may alcohol ako para buksan ko bag ko. They ask me din to put my phone inside my bag. Good thing nilagay ko siya sa secret pocket ng bag na mahirap i-unzip. Nakakatakot talaga. Buti nalang hindi ako tinutukan ng kung ano nung sumigaw ako. Nung napansin ko, agad na tinanong na "Bakit may nawala ba?". Nung sinabi kong wala, agad silang bumaba.

    Feeling ko 8 sila e. 1 naglilinis sa tapat ko, 1 sa side ko na may hawak ng bag na nakaoverlap, 1 look-out sa harap ko, 2 look-out sa gitna ng jeep, 1 baklang dumura daw, 1 kasama ng bakla nung bumaba siya, at yung driver.

    Ingat po lahat and salamat sa post mong ito. Sana dati pa binalita para ma-warn yung public.

    Sa Dela Rosa Square along Pasong Tamo St. sa Makati po sumakay yung mga kawatan, then bumaba sila sa Makati Square Circle bago mag Walter Mart.

    1. Hi Marco,

      Nakakagalit na hindi pa rin namamatay 'tong modus na 'to, e yung earliest post na nabasa ko nito dati ay 2005, 8 years ago! argghhh!

      I'm happy na hindi ka nabiktima, but hopefully the public will be warned. I emailed a formal complaint before to PNP and some news channel, but never got a reply. It seems they aren't interested regarding the modus, perhaps showbiz breakups and marriages are more important for them.


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