August 24, 2011

Think your bones are strong huh?

Last Monday, there was an Anlene booth in our University and they were offering free bone scanning, free milk taste, and buy 1 take 1 milks. I got excited because I for  one is an anlene drinker who has never had my bone scanned :)) I thought that it would be like MRI (I've never tried that too, HAHA I'm not really the health conscious type) but to my surprise, it's more like a BP test. The difference is that instead of your arm, your feet/ankle would be needed.

Here's how the bone scanner works
As you can see, you'll just put your foot in the scanner and some kind of pump beside your ankle will tighten. Then in 1-2 minutes, it will show some image on the screen and it's finished! See, I have a low risk of getting osteoporosis because my bones are healthy, hihi :))

Almost everyone in my circle of friends (who tried it before I do) got low risk too. That actually intimidated me, what if I'm a deviant and I get a moderate to high risk result. GYAHAHA that made me a little worried :)

Mara, Me, Jackie, Rz, challenge accepted!
Yay! We're all healthy! Thanks to Junior Marketing Association-University of the Philippines Manila (JMA UPM) for bringing the Anlene's Bone Health Check to our campus. Hihi, the chocolate flavored milk was tasty :)

August 23, 2011

Pulis Patola (Unbecoming of a police officer)

Around 7:30am, a police officer stopped the public jeep that I was riding, the driver apologetically asked what was wrong, the officer answered with "you drive too slow". Really, Mr. police, that's the best you can do? The officer took the driver's license and told him to go right, the driver asked again if he was supposed to go right, because the "typically prescribed" way is the left one. The policeman reaffirmed it and told the driver that he goes right.

The driver then obediently followed and went right instead, but not more than 5 minutes have passed, there was another police officer who pulled him over. This 2nd police officer was reprimanding him for going the wrong way. The driver tried to explain that another policed officer told him to do so but he didn't believe. It was infuriating! He was implying "something" to the driver to let him off the hook.
Sige, gatasan niyo pa ang mga mamayan nating naghahanapbuhay