August 29, 2011

Crowdder in focus

"If you wait for opportunities, you will be part of the crowd." Well, I say there's nothing wrong with waiting for opportunities and being a part of the crowd. In fact, it's quite fun so I joined Crowdder.

Crowdder is a platform that combines realtime consumer insights with social gaming. Marketers ask questions and get answers and trends in realtime. Consumers on the panel get a direct line to brands, unlock points and virtual goods in exchange for answers, and socialize with one another. Initial response from clients is enthusiastic, as Crowdder is the first real-time insight crowdsourcing platform in the country (, 2011).
It's still in beta so the system is not yet that engaging despite the forum and the pseudo RPG interface, however, they have already invited people to answer questions and help improve the site and the experience. Crowdder gives clients the opportunities to ask questions to consumers, while we-consumers get to have a say on a product or a campaign before it even hits the market, oh and they also give incentives and freebies from time to time. Neat!

Last month, during the official launch of Crowdder, my friends and I got to meet the people behind and "inside" the site. They were all brilliant, just like how the event went. It actually set the bar quite high for my expectations on how Crowdder will deliver success not only for the brands but also for the consumers.

during the program (little overview on Crowdder and fun games) 

During the pseudo debate thing game (me, aaron, marlo, frances) 

My worry, coming from a critical perspective is that it might become a way to subtly exploit the participants, because yes, I recognized that insider's knowledge and some incentives given from time to time, but I do know that our ideas are worth more than that. Thus, it would be good if they do these kinds of get-together parties regularly so that participants would feel that there's something in it for them, besides, this would continually build loyalty and motivation. It would also be better if they engage in a discussion instead of just asking questions. Right now, I really don't know how my opinions are shaping their decision-making activities regarding the brands. It's like the brand just had sex with you and after he's satisfied, he goes to sleep without giving you a shit. The makers of Crowdder should find a way to make the experience fulfilling in itself and the RPG game is not effective for my age and busy lifestyle.

Anyway, don't get disheartened because my worry hasn't come to life yet and I'm crossing my fingers that it wouldn't ever. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since I really enjoyed last month's party. With that, I expect a brand that's customer driven, otherwise, their customer insight crowdsourcing might need to be tweaked a little bit :D

If you want to register, go to: (despite the worries that I shared, I'm still a proud member of crowdder, hihi)

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