August 23, 2011

Pulis Patola (Unbecoming of a police officer)

Around 7:30am, a police officer stopped the public jeep that I was riding, the driver apologetically asked what was wrong, the officer answered with "you drive too slow". Really, Mr. police, that's the best you can do? The officer took the driver's license and told him to go right, the driver asked again if he was supposed to go right, because the "typically prescribed" way is the left one. The policeman reaffirmed it and told the driver that he goes right.

The driver then obediently followed and went right instead, but not more than 5 minutes have passed, there was another police officer who pulled him over. This 2nd police officer was reprimanding him for going the wrong way. The driver tried to explain that another policed officer told him to do so but he didn't believe. It was infuriating! He was implying "something" to the driver to let him off the hook.
Sige, gatasan niyo pa ang mga mamayan nating naghahanapbuhay
Is this how low some of our police officers in the Philippines have become? Trying to make a living out of those who are hardworking enough to actually do their job?

I talked with the first police officer and told him about the ramifications of what he did and that bastard said that "it serves him right" I snapped and told him that it was his fault, blah blah blah, then he threatened me by saying that maybe I should go with him in the police station. AS IF I was threatened, well sorry but no, I was innocent of anything that could warrant an arrest.

The crowd was then building up, he asked for my ID. Upon seeing the name of my school, he tried to strike a conversation and explicitly reprimanded me of my acts. He was making it seem like he pitied a student like me  (and my parents, and the masses who are paying for my tuition), so he would just let my "insolence" pass.

Is this how you do your service to the Filipino people?


  1. THIS IS TRULY INFURIATING! Shame on those creatures!

  2. That was so courageous of you to defend the jeepney driver, well done! Geez, those police officers don't deserve to serve the community with such actions like what you've mentioned. <_<

  3. Oh! you have blogger! hihi, I'll put you in my google reader :)) and yes, those police officers shouldn't be called one in the first place

  4. Yeah, I have my blogger account too! * and adds you to my Google Reader too* :3


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