October 2, 2011

The day I was judged.

Rumors has it that sinners won't be able to get out of the cave. 
I was sure that once, twice, thrice, heck many times, I've sinned. I got out without scrapes, but that cave really is something.


I am not exaggerating when I say that my trip to Mt. Banahaw is my most fulfilling trip yet. It wasn't my first time to tread mountains since I was a girl scout back in grade school and high school. However it was my first time to go inside a cave.

Mae, Artem, Jen, Josh, Me, Marga, and Bea
Josh and Jen <3
People I don't know, but were my friends along the way
It was my first time to go inside a cave (I think?) When the guides told me that we were going in a cave, I imagined it to be like the caves in movies where you'll find stalagmites and stalactites, or even a river (Okay, I may be watching too many movies). Contrary to what I was expecting, it was a mere hole, a MERE HOLE in the mountain. GYAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

Photo from Marga (part of the cave)
Please, if you are claustrophobic or unsure of your stamina, flexibility, and agility in falling, climbing, jumping, crawling, disgusting- lol jk I mean getting dirty, then do not be a burden to the group, and spare yourself from getting trapped inside. Okay? But seriously, it was a thrilling experience.

The rain made it more awesome, the mountain was slippery and full of mud. I really felt that I was one with nature (okay, ang corny ko, haha)

Drenched from sweat and the rain, we just jumped in the water despite wearing jeans and all

I was really happy that I joined this trip. Try visiting the Husgado Cave in Mt. Banahaw. If it's your first time too, I recommend having a guide from the town, the mountain is full of surprises and mysteries :) People were a bit exaggerated when they said that my bag/camera kit won't fit inside, sigh, I don't have photos inside the cave because I left my things with the guides. Still, happy! HAHAHA


  1. mhirap po b ung dadaanan dun sa mt.banahaw?nttkot kse ako umakyat bka di ko kya..

    1. Hi! Depende kasi yun eh. Ako, nadalian lang kasi medyo fit ako. Kung kaya mong magwall-climbing, madali lang yun :) Kung hindi naman, basta sundin mo lang yung sinasabi ng guides sa loob ng cave, basta bawal maarte sa loob, gapang kung gapang, lundag kung lundag, talon kung talon :) Try mo!

      Magpants ka para di ka magasgasan


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