October 30, 2011

A Night of Mischief: JMA UPM's Halloween party

Hi everyone! Junior Marketing Association UP Manila invites you to A Night of Mischief at Patio de Manila on November 3, 2011 from 8pm - 4am. This is UP Manila's first University-wide Halloween party that is open for all. Of course, free-flowing drinks for everyone!

Tickets sold at 250php. PM me for inquiries. Thanks!

A. Where is Patio de Manila?
It's in front of Aquasphere along Roxas Boulevard near Max's restaurant (See B in the map. A is College of Arts and Sciences UP Manila)

B. How to ensure your tickets?

1. PM or text me at  *deleted* to secure a ticket.
2. Pay through meet up (and get the ticket immediately) or
3. Pay through bank deposit. After confirming your purchase, I'll tell you my bank account then you'll have to deposit your payment. Text me right after you've made your deposit and make sure to keep the deposit slip.
4. After I've received your payment, I'll text you a special invitation reply with your ticket number which you can use to exchange for ticket at the event itself. The ticket will serve as a raffle entry during the event. Enjoy!
C. How to get special treats?

October 29:
Follow @girbaudPH with #ANightofMischief hashtag or share night of mischief event on FB (tag JMA UPM.)

October 30:
Post or tweet your idea of #ANightofMischief costume and get 10% off the ticket (tag JMA UPM and at least 3 of your friends)

October 31:
Pay from 9am-3pm (thru meet up or bank deposit) and get the tickets for only Php199.

November. 1:
Pay from 9am-3pm (thru meet up or bank deposit) and get a free ticket to any markweek seminar this year.

November 2:
Buy 5 tickets and get one for free
Sponsored by: Tanduay, Safety Plus Erectors and Developers Inc.,Marithe Francois Girbaud, Cerealicious, and Pik-Nik

Join us if you dare, for a night of Halloween scare. 
A night of Mischief, the next scream you hear might be your own.  

Get your ticket na!

Edited (November 4, 2011)

Sim's character and Luigi
I went as Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, HAHAHA and my close friend's ingenious costume was a sim's character. We're awesome! :))

Aren't we adorbs? :D
Let's not forget my other friend, who used my costume as an excuse for his lame costume, haha kidding!

He said he was Mario (and I'm Luigi, get it? get it? HAHAHA), Mario your face :))

Fine, Mario it is! :D
 HAHAHA so many people got wasted, FUN!

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