October 18, 2011

Of curls and bangs

Why does Goldilocks get to have bangs? I mean, come on! she got that super kinky hair, yet she can keep her bangs and not be ridiculed? GYAHAHA, sorry that's just me being bitter and bored with my hair. Well, you can't blame me. I have a very curly hair and I can't do much with it, either it's tied up or let loose (very seldom though, it's a disaster if the wind suddenly decided to blow on my hair).

However, recently, I had the urge to do something with my hair, either I get an undercut or I get bangs. I asked all my friends about it, and all of them frown upon the idea. They all thought that it would be hideous and I would just regret doing it (especially due to the fact that our graduation photoshoot is just around the corner, teehee!) BUT no, GYAHAHA, I'mma do what I want!

So yeah, I got a layered haircut with bangs :D It was a good thing that the hairdresser didn't argue with what I wanted. 

Yay! so this is now how I look !
The bangs when it is blow dried only

The bangs when it's full
The bangs when you don't do anything with it 
The bangs when it's side swept

Actually, I think that bangs could look good even to us curly people, but it has to be really thin otherwise it would just be poofy and unmanageable. To be honest, I'm really happy with my bangs, but to be able to "wear" it means I have to either blow dry or straighten it. Unfortunately, that is a major hassle for a busybody like I am. Thus, like before, I might go with tying up my hair and pulling back my bangs - well it's the fastest way to fix my hair. GYAHAHA besides that, I do not have a blow dryer and I still don't know how to use our straightening iron. Maybe, I'll explore it next time :D

Thanks for #shebangs!

Use heat protectant conditioner before straightening and never iron your hair while it's wet. What else? ughmm, oh! do not put oil based serum on hair before straightening it, HAHAHA you don't wanna cook your hair, do you? 


  1. Why can't you make a serious face ??

    1. Ooops, I didn't notice until you mentioned it, maybe next time :)


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