November 7, 2011

The Bataan Break

Morong, Bataan is quite famous for their white coral beach resorts and I could very well see why. The place is really good. Unlike Boracay and Puerto Galera which are overly populated, Bataan is still a virgin known and visited by few. If you just want to relax and be dorky with your friends, then you should definitely visit a place like this.  No crowd, no celebs, just you, the sun, the sand, and the beach.
Look at how clean and "barren" the place was
I swear there were no crowd around, just us and the other group from the resort

Honestly, when I heard that we were off to Bataan, I thought of NPA danger and nuclear weapon. HAHA, forgive my uninformed self. Anyway, far from that expectation of danger, the place was so peaceful! With only our bonfire and midnight karaoke mayhem to ruin that peace.

The ritual to open Jumanji, LOLjk
Smores and booze with <3