November 7, 2011

The Bataan Break

Morong, Bataan is quite famous for their white coral beach resorts and I could very well see why. The place is really good. Unlike Boracay and Puerto Galera which are overly populated, Bataan is still a virgin known and visited by few. If you just want to relax and be dorky with your friends, then you should definitely visit a place like this.  No crowd, no celebs, just you, the sun, the sand, and the beach.
Look at how clean and "barren" the place was
I swear there were no crowd around, just us and the other group from the resort

Honestly, when I heard that we were off to Bataan, I thought of NPA danger and nuclear weapon. HAHA, forgive my uninformed self. Anyway, far from that expectation of danger, the place was so peaceful! With only our bonfire and midnight karaoke mayhem to ruin that peace.

The ritual to open Jumanji, LOLjk
Smores and booze with <3
Me and my burnt mallows :))
Of course, let's not forget the super clean and clear beach with my beach buddies. With them, I can always be my usual self who's always in the toilet to take a dump (HAHAHA but that's another story).

Josh and I as Eugene and Goku :))
With Belli :))
from Pat Abiog's blog
Anyway, I played Frisbee for the first time (spell intense and buwisbuhay, shutanginabells my friends were so competitive that I got scratches and scrapes all over my body) My eye and body coordination sucks but I am a quick runner HAHAHA so I can still score by chasing the Frisbee which has fallen to the ground.

I swear I'm going to get it!
Look I got it!

Oh and let's not forget the beautiful sunset that I almost missed because Belli and I went to the market to buy the ingredients for our delicious tinola dinner.

I will certainly miss the lifestyle that I had with my friends. There were lots of tears and joys but more than all those, there were lots of love. HO! HO! HO!

BTW, I also learned how to play the card game heart attack :)) another intense "sport" that we enjoyed. GYAHAHAHAHA

Goodbye for now B, I'll be back.


  1. It's always a joy to be at the beach, and be with good friends. Nice sunset photo (with you in it, yes. haha), perfect sunset. I always hope for clear skies in time for sunset whenever I'm at the beach facing the west.

  2. Thanks Mike! I think it was your blog post about Bataan that convinced me to actually visit the place. HAHAHA

  3. and i thought you stopped blogging altogether because the old url is gone. hahaha.

  4. Oh no! I don't think I'd stop blogging but I might pause - Senior year! :D

  5. good luck! senior year is where you get all the stress at tres hahahaha.

  6. Thank you! I am honestly praying to just get a 3 and hopefully graduate on time :D

  7. I'm thinking of going to beach this December. Nainggit naman ako dito, sakto sinasama ko ng tita ko sa mindoro.

    Wala p pala ko sa blogroll mo, pede ba mkipag-exchange link?

  8. Hi Henry! aww, you have a Christmas break! kainggit, anyway, enjoy!

    I just added you on my blogroll!


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