December 21, 2011

Doodle day!

You see, I've been very busy with my acads and extra-curricular that I haven't been holding my pen and paper anymore, however, today is different. Finally, I had an alibi to draw and just "waste" my time and not mind thesis and all that. CHOS! HAHAHAHA (feeling artista, busy busyhan) 
Ain't we adorbs?

Anyway, my sister and I were so bored this afternoon and we chanced upon Sab's blogpost which is a doodling contest. Eureka! We decided to join, well mostly to do something fun! Yay!
Hihi, at last we're done, sadly puro flash lang yung kita. HOHOHO
My entry:
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My sister's entry:
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HAHAHA I really miss times where I could just spend the afternoon drawing and imagining things that may not even be possible in the first place. I had fun and I know my sister did too :)) So thanks for the opportunity Miss Sab, your contest was my excuse to draw, and (be) with my sister at that. Yay!