December 21, 2011

Doodle day!

You see, I've been very busy with my acads and extra-curricular that I haven't been holding my pen and paper anymore, however, today is different. Finally, I had an alibi to draw and just "waste" my time and not mind thesis and all that. CHOS! HAHAHAHA (feeling artista, busy busyhan) 
Ain't we adorbs?

Anyway, my sister and I were so bored this afternoon and we chanced upon Miss Sab's blogpost which is a doodling contest. Eureka! We decided to join, well mostly to do something fun! Yay!
Hihi, at last we're done, sadly puro flash lang yung kita. HOHOHO
My entry:
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My sister's entry:
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HAHAHA I really miss times where I could just spend the afternoon drawing and imagining things that may not even be possible in the first place. I had fun and I know my sister did too :)) So thanks for the opportunity Miss Sab, your contest was my excuse to draw, and (be) with my sister at that. Yay!

December 20, 2011


The past is there to serve as guiding knowledge, not some mandate that we should repeat or avoid. With that, let me take a look at my very first post which was my new year's resolution for 2011. How far was I able to go to achieve my goals?

1. Gained some weight?
Unfortunately, my weight is still the same but I think I can gain weight before new year, although, that would be meaningless since I think I won't be able to maintain it.

2. Fully paid my laptop?
Yeah! I finished it around June or July of 2011. I was so happy; I felt that a needle was taken from my heart. Oh btw, I sold that laptop already and bought a Vaio S VPCS137

3. Cosplayed at least 5 characters?
Eeep, as I said before, I got broke and busy along the way so I was able to cosplay only 2 characters: HongKong of Hetalia and Luigi of SuperMario brothers.

4. Went to at least 2 places I've never been?
Yay! That would be (a) Morong, Bataan with my friends, (b) Mt. Banahaw with my PI100 classmates, and (c) Davao with es bitses. It was a blast! I'll be back :)

5. Got a driver's license?
So where should I take you? hihi

6. Lived life to the fullest?
Absolutely! This year, I learned a lot of new things but not as much as last year's in terms of IQ. Nonetheless, I'd say that the emotional and social roller coaster that I've been through really helped me mature.

People would do a lot of things for their loved ones. I always believed that people could do everything for the good of their loved ones but I guess it doesn't work that way. People get tired and they give up (unless you're a toy like Woody or a ninja like Naruto, GYAHAHA) and no one, absolutely NO ONE is allowed to tell these people that it wasn't love.

Getting a 4 out of 6? Not bad, eh? Not bad. Hey! I had very good reasons for the 2nd goal that I failed. Thank you 2011 and the people who made it count. Let's rock 2012, shall we? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!