December 16, 2012


Hi person-who-got-my-name-for-this-year's-exchange-gift!

Here are some of the suggestions that you may want to consider in buying a present for me. HAHAHA and I appreciate your taking the time to read this post. Thanks!

1. Jumpsuit
Not the glamorous one, but the lazy loose jumpsuit that I can use whenever I need to go, drop, and roll - which is almost all the time.

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2. Studded leather vest (or leather shorts)
I've been trying to passively look for this since last year, I haven't found one that I liked.
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3.  Taekwondo shoes 
I miss kicking. I used to have Kix shoes (size 6.5), but it I never got to find one ever again. Lalala, I think Adidas would work too :) I mean, as long as the shoes are light enough for me to move around, then I guess it would be fine.

4. Office wear 
Dresses, skirts (26), cardigans, blazers, long sleeve blouses, loose tops, etc will all be appreciated, but I suggest you refrain from buying pants for me - Pants rarely fit me well so I would rather buy (and try)  it on my own.

5. Books 
I promised myself that I'm going to start reading because I am obviously missing out a lot. Okay, you can judge me now since I didn't read books unless it was required. In my defense, I didn't have spare money to buy books :)

Life of Pi, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, Bata bata, Paano ka Ginawa?, The Alchemist, etc, check

6. Night/reading lamp
I just actually need a light/switch near my bed so I wouldn't need to stand up to close the lights whenever I'm about to sleep.

7. Wooden mannequin (anatomy drawing guides)
Well, this might help me whenever I try to draw - rarely happens though. But you know, it pays to be prepared. HAHAHA

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8. Trekking shoes
I think that I'll go somewhere "rocky/muddy/not safe for doll shoes" every once in a while. Thus, I'll be needing a durable and sleek/light shoes with me.
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9. Bicycle
Truth be told, I do not know how to ride a bike, but I would like to learn how. And learning will have to start with having the medium to do so. Thus, a bike :) *Edited May 2013 - I know how to ride a bike now! and I have a bike too, courtesy of my father :)

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10. Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset seems cool, right? my earphone wires always get tangled in my pocket so after a few months it starts malfunctioning. It's the same story over and over again.

11. Your call 
It's the thought that counts :) HAHAHA ang cheesy ko lang. 


  1. I thought Noli/El Fili would have been required reading in HS :P

    1. HAHAHA okay fine, I didn't read books (then), period!


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