January 11, 2012

Thesis is it? #ForTheLoveofGrad

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!
So first, allow me tell you the story of Robbie, a rabbit who was doing his thesis out in the woods. One afternoon, a wolf chanced upon Roby, the wolf asked “hey, what’s up” Roby answered, Oh nothing much, just doing my thesis. The wolf was curious so he asked, what’s it about? It’s about how rabbits eat wolves, Robbie answered. HAH, such rubbish, there’s no such thing as rabbits that can eat wolves. Oh but there is, I have been researching about it. Do you want to see it? Yeah, I guess.
So Robbie took the wolf for a walk, inside a cave, and later on came back alone. Well, he then just continued to do his thesis until another wolf came by. The second wolf asked, Hey, what’s up?  Ah nothing much, just doing my thesis. The second wolf was also curious so he asked, what’s it about? It’s about how rabbits eat wolves, Robbie answered. Hah, such rubbish, that thing will never get published you know. Oh but it will, I have seen several experiments on it. Would you want to witness one? Sure, I guess, the wolf said. So for the second time Robbie took the wolf for a walk inside a cave and came out alone, just like the first time. But this time, we see that inside the cave is a lion, Robbie’s thesis adviser.
The moral of the story is that your thesis topic
is not important, but your adviser is.
Nonetheless, of course I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s entirely true in real life but I would say that it’s something very important. Your thesis adviser matters, I’m quite sure you all agree.

Personally, I feel that your thesis adviser can be a double edge sword sometimes; he or she will guide and help you through, but what’s difficult is difficult, and your adviser knows that, that’s why he or she can sometimes be a pushover. I KNOW.

My massacred first draft of thesis proposal. GYAHAHA

I understand that thesis is so mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally draining that one could just opt to give up along the way. Believe me; I did, not once but a lot of times but when I’m about to give up, or just give in to mediocrity, something stops me (deep sigh)

Last semester, my thesis adviser told us that thesis is our only memento to the University, our only proof of existence in UP Manila. He told us that no one will go to the library and see your transcript there; no one will walk the hallway and see your name in a trophy or something. It is only your thesis that will serve as your mark, your legacy. Thus, you might as well do your best and leave a good image, something you can be proud of. These words help me strive harder, other than the thirst for graduation of course.

That’s it, so remember, nobody wants you to fail thesis, not your adviser, not your classmates, certainly not your panellist. Let’s do this! Our last stretch as Iskolar ng Bayan 


You know that moment when you're about to start doing your thesis and you suddenly notice that your room is dirty, you're hungry, there’s something you need to check online, you want to edit photos that’s been stored in your PC for 100billion years, you want to install some adobe program, you're sleepy, the cat wants to play, you want to take a bath, yes.. that's called procrastinating, better known as, patay-ka-aasa-ka-na-naman-kay-Batman-bukas.

Powernap, please stop being beauty rest. sincerely, #FortheLoveofGrad
When I said Math was hard, I definitely haven't had a thesis class yet.


  1. Pag pinagsawaan kayo ni Batman, nako ewan ko na lang! hahaha. -tcf

  2. GYAHAHA eto na nga eh, we're trying not to rely on him too much. HOHOHO

  3. Bakit po nadamay si Batman dito, haha. ^_^

    1. Henry! are you not familiar with this:

      http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WxM_nOMbwko/TjfummOn9qI/AAAAAAAAAJ0/NUBLVnoYx5s/s320/bahala+na+si+batman.jpg ?

      HAHAHA sikat si batman sa mga estujante eh

  4. Haha, ang kulet ng picture. Pinoy nagpauso nito eh, haha :-D

    1. Bkt ung picture ko sa comment hindi nalabas :-D

    2. hindi ko alam? eeep HAHAHA automatic approval naman yung comment section ko eh. baka wala ka talagang nilagay (lalalala, nagmarunong pa eh noh?)

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    1. Eeeep di ko alam kung bakit eh. HAHAHA yaan mo na it's the thought/comment that counts naman eh


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