May 9, 2012

The gut feel challenge

This may sound ridiculous but for 5 months now I've been playing this game. It's really simple.

The game:
You just tabulate the number of times you followed or did not follow your gut feel and write a sad face or smiling face depending on how it turned out.

Why play:
I don't know why I thought of this game but since it has given me such an interesting result I want to know if this can be replicated by others (so I will be really glad if you could share your result with me)

My result:
My result was that I followed my gut feel for 27 times and it all led to a happy face or nice result but during the start of the game I did not follow my gut feel for 8 times and it all led to a sad face or disappointing result.

See? Isn't it interesting how our gut feel can always turn out to be right? I would not believe it had I not done it.

Most of the situations where I used gut feel were whenever I was stuck with two options. Sometimes the other choice being a product of my reasoning. It's really simple but the most common situation I was stuck with was "Should I wear shorts or pants?" (shorts because it looks as though it's really humid outside, pants because I feel like it's going to rain). BTW I never used gut feel alone to decide when I'm in a relatively crucial moment where a lot of things are at stake.

Side story:
I read somewhere (Social Intelligence?) that as a part of an experiment, someone with Alzheimer's was introduced to a doctor who then pricked the patient's hands. Then after some time, when the patient has already forgotten of the incident, he will again be introduced to the same doctor.

Results showed that the patient was having 2nd thoughts on whether to shake hands with the doctor or not. I forgot where the result was attributed to, but I say that it is our intuition, our instinct, our gut feel. I think somehow, gut feel has reasons, it's just that we have forgotten how to connect with ourselves and listen to our body that we put it off as something that cannot be explained and is therefore "unreasonable".

I think that if the mind can forget, the soul/the heart cannot.


  1. Haha! Nakabili ka na pala, anu brand at model?

  2. Yep, the st15i! HAHAHA I'm using it now.

  3. Ay pareho na tau, haha. Punta ka google play tapos install mo Viber, free call and text. ^_^

  4. Pero there has to be wifi to use viber eh, hassle HAHAHAHA
    Magsalesman ka na, benta eh :))


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