August 30, 2012

What's wrong, Chowking?

Disclaimer: The Chowking branch being referred in this post is the Guadalupe branch only. Moreover, the context of this post is set on deliveries only.

My mother has always been a fan of Chowking because of its halo-halo and black gulaman. That said, our family has been ordering from Chowking for the longest time - and we've got no complaints. But things have changed, and complaints we've got - a lot actually. Note that my family is patient when it comes to food delivery (or any service-oriented businesses and personnel), partly because my father is involved in one.

Before this post, we still order at Chowking. And most (if not all) of the time, Chowking delivery failed us. Here are Chowking delivery's most common blunders:

Strike 1 - Always late. It says that its rider will arrive in an hour, but the rider usually arrive an hour and a half or even 2 hours. Imagine our hunger. Never mind that Chowking Guadalupe is only 15mins away via car/tricycle, but 2 hours, really?

Strike 2 - Never informs/apologize. If only Chowking personnel will inform us (and apologize) that the delivery will be later than what was agreed upon, then it's likely that all this will be forgiven. But no, parang Tito Sotto ang peg, ayaw magapologize.

Strike 3 - Incomplete orders. Oftentimes, it's the spoon and fork, or the condiments, and sometimes, it's the drinks! There was even a time when a rider called us to say that there's no available soft-drinks anymore, so if it's okay he'll just bring water. Don't you find that fishy?

Strike 3, and you're out! (Note that the 3 strikes doesn't mean that my complaints happened 3x only; it means that these 3 are the most common blunders committed by Chowking.)

We called Chowking and reported the matter, but our next and last order was still a big failure (read as combination of the 3 strikes) - so my family finally decided to "never" order from Chowking again.

Tell me, did you guys ever experience something like this? Or was ours an isolated case?

UPDATE: a little bird told me that Chowking Guadalupe has only 1 rider per shift.

We Should All Be Informed (ABC of FOI Bill)

Why haven’t you availed your yellow/green/red card yet? I do not know how to.
Why did you not vote? I cannot decide whom to vote for because I do not know enough about the candidates/party lists.
Check if you are paying the right amount of tax. I do not know how.
No, do not turn right yet, that is against the law! What? I did not know that.
Why did you do that, that is considered as corruption? It's okay, no one will know anyway.

The most common excuse that I hear people say for failing to do the “right” thing is, “I don’t know” or “no one will know anyway.” Sure ignorance of the law excuses no one, but what if the law is not showing itself? What if the citizens are uninformed because information itself is elusive? I see people who could avail so much more from the Government, yet are unable to do so because they don’t know how to. I have witnessed people commit unlawful acts, because they have no idea that the acts were unlawful in the first place. I can imagine officials who are tempted to be corrupt because they think, “no one will find out anyway.”

This kind of ignorance should end (or be drastically lessened if not completely eliminated). And I believe that the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill can address this issue.

courtesy of (published august 14 2012)

A. What is FOI bill?

August 13, 2012

DIY cropped top with back details

Just a few days ago, I needed to sort out my closet for clothes that I could do without. While doing so, I found a statement shirt that was given during the first TAYO youth camp. I like statement shirts and this was no exception, but it was just too big for me. Thus, a DIY project!

Tip: Begin with the end in mind (from 7 habits of highly effective people)
 #LookbookAngPeg HAHAHAHAHA
1. Get a shirt that you want to crop

2. Cut to your desired length and look. Make sure that you are completely positive about the resulting look before cutting the shirt. I recommend having a half-inch allowance for edging.

Cut the left sleeve
Cut the right sleeve by using the left sleeve's cut pattern

August 9, 2012

Because I will die

I'm not being an asshole when I say that we will all die; death is certain after all. Thus, it is one of those topics that have to be pondered upon.

I've seen my friend's father died years ago. I've seen how that particular death sucked the life out my friend. In an instant, he became the breadwinner; his problems grew from college algebra to mortgage payment.

Everyone knows that death is inevitable, but no one bothers to talk about it. People just shrugged the thought off believing that it couldn't happen to them, at least not now, not in the next years to come. That mentality is typical; I've seen people say bad things can happen, yet act as if such bad things won't befall them. "Not to me," they thought.

I know that I will die; I just don't know how or when. But when I die, I don't want to leave my loved ones in a similar state that my friend underwent. I don't want to be like an unannounced typhoon that leaves its victims devastated and lost.

Chances are, I will not have control over how I will die, but it can only be 1 of 4: death out of terminal illness, organ failure, frailty, or sudden death.

Figure 1. Trajectories of dying. Reproduced with permission of Blackwell Publishing (Lunney JR, Lynne J, Hogan C. Profiles of older Medicare decendents. JAGS. 2002;50:1108-1112). as cited in

Yet even with this knowledge, it is highly improbable to prepare for death, but I can try. I'm far from depressed or anything, I just had some free time to think about my life, and death is part of it. Instead of my pseudo "last will and testament", allow me to just post here my work on death, and how I want to feel about it.
Look me in the eye

EDIT (March, 2015)

I have a life insurance with Sunlife that I will hopefully not claim, but just use as savings/extra fund years from now. My financial advisor is Fely Tio, and my dependents are my parents. I already told my parents and my sister about this, but I'm writing it out here for documentation purposes.

See you around!