August 9, 2012

Because I will die

I'm not being an asshole when I say that we will all die; death is certain after all. Thus, it is one of those topics that have to be pondered upon.

I've seen my friend's father died years ago. I've seen how that particular death sucked the life out my friend. In an instant, he became the breadwinner; his problems grew from college algebra to mortgage payment.

Everyone knows that death is inevitable, but no one bothers to talk about it. People just shrugged the thought off believing that it couldn't happen to them, at least not now, not in the next years to come. That mentality is typical; I've seen people say bad things can happen, yet act as if such bad things won't befall them. "Not to me," they thought.

I know that I will die; I just don't know how or when. But when I die, I don't want to leave my loved ones in a similar state that my friend underwent. I don't want to be like an unannounced typhoon that leaves its victims devastated and lost.

Chances are, I will not have control over how I will die, but it can only be 1 of 4: death out of terminal illness, organ failure, frailty, or sudden death.

Figure 1. Trajectories of dying. Reproduced with permission of Blackwell Publishing (Lunney JR, Lynne J, Hogan C. Profiles of older Medicare decendents. JAGS. 2002;50:1108-1112). as cited in

Yet even with this knowledge, it is highly improbable to prepare for death, but I can try. I'm far from depressed or anything, I just had some free time to think about my life, and death is part of it. Instead of my pseudo "last will and testament", allow me to just post here my work on death, and how I want to feel about it.
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EDIT (March, 2015)

I have a life insurance with Sunlife that I will hopefully not claim, but just use as savings/extra fund years from now. My financial advisor is Fely Tio, and my dependents are my parents. I already told my parents and my sister about this, but I'm writing it out here for documentation purposes.

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