August 30, 2012

What's wrong, Chowking?

Disclaimer: The Chowking branch being referred in this post is the Guadalupe branch only. Moreover, the context of this post is set on deliveries only.

My mother has always been a fan of Chowking because of its halo-halo and black gulaman. That said, our family has been ordering from Chowking for the longest time - and we've got no complaints. But things have changed, and complaints we've got - a lot actually. Note that my family is patient when it comes to food delivery (or any service-oriented businesses and personnel), partly because my father is involved in one.

Before this post, we still order at Chowking. And most (if not all) of the time, Chowking delivery failed us. Here are Chowking delivery's most common blunders:

Strike 1 - Always late. It says that its rider will arrive in an hour, but the rider usually arrive an hour and a half or even 2 hours. Imagine our hunger. Never mind that Chowking Guadalupe is only 15mins away via car/tricycle, but 2 hours, really?

Strike 2 - Never informs/apologize. If only Chowking personnel will inform us (and apologize) that the delivery will be later than what was agreed upon, then it's likely that all this will be forgiven. But no, parang Tito Sotto ang peg, ayaw magapologize.

Strike 3 - Incomplete orders. Oftentimes, it's the spoon and fork, or the condiments, and sometimes, it's the drinks! There was even a time when a rider called us to say that there's no available soft-drinks anymore, so if it's okay he'll just bring water. Don't you find that fishy?

Strike 3, and you're out! (Note that the 3 strikes doesn't mean that my complaints happened 3x only; it means that these 3 are the most common blunders committed by Chowking.)

We called Chowking and reported the matter, but our next and last order was still a big failure (read as combination of the 3 strikes) - so my family finally decided to "never" order from Chowking again.

Tell me, did you guys ever experience something like this? Or was ours an isolated case?

UPDATE: a little bird told me that Chowking Guadalupe has only 1 rider per shift.


  1. I've had my share of bad service, but I think your experience is a bit odd.

    I don't know if you guys are being singled out, but you'd think they'd be in a lot of trouble already if their bad service was consistent with majority of their customers.

    1. I don't know about the other customers, but I somehow feel that Chowking delivery give equally bad service. The possibility of being single out (or something similar to that) is just unthinkable.

      P.S. sorry, took weeks to reply, HAHAHA idk why but your comment got stuck in the spam folder

  2. Kahit walk in customers may problem din sa kanila

    We usually have our breakfast at Chowking Paseo branch. Last December2013 sila lang ang nakita kong fast food chain na nag open with VERY as in VERY LIMITED choices para sa customers. Their reason wala daw delivery ng stocks. (imagine papipiliin ka lang between siopao, wanton and chopsuey and this went on for almost the entire month)

    Kaninang umaga I got disappointed dahil sabi sa counter naubusan naman daw sila ng chili sauce. Since I am a frequent customer alam nila na madalas ako humihingi ng chili sauce. (i like it spicy) Ok lang sana yun pero what made it worse was the fact na nalaman ko na nagsisinungaling lang sila. When I took my order at the takeout counter nakita ko na may naka pre packed chili's. The manager even asked the other customer if she wanted chili with her order. I even asked for it pero sagot sa akin nung babaeng manager "sorry ibang sauce yun" Ano pa ba maliban sa vinegar ang may ganung kulay at nilalagay nila sa ganung lalagyan?

    Chili is a staple sa mga Chinese resto na napuntahan ko kahit sa ibang bansa. Ano yun nagtitipid sila?

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      True, laging walang chili sauce, HAHAHA, nakakataas kilay minsan. I'm not sure what's wrong though, minsan nga naiisip ko baka mataas lang yung standards natin considering na fast food naman ang chowking at hindi fine dining or even casual dining at that. I don't know though.


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