September 16, 2012

Curiosity Feeds The Cat

My family's cat is named Juno, but everyone calls her pusa. She would sleep in my room from morning until afternoon -she's nocturnal, but lately she's been busy just looking out the window.

Although I find her antics fascinating, it worries me sometimes, especially that one time when I left my window open (My room is in the third floor). I was worried that pusa might jump on the window, like she always does, and accidentally fall off, huhu.

Reminded me of my Nat Geo shirt:
Captain Obvious's translation: curiosity killed the cat

Thank heavens Juno was peacefully asleep when I came back to check on her. In fairness to cats, they're very clever (and show off - kills anything she can kill and leave it in your room; territorial - pisses in her perceived territory; manipulative-has her way of working her "pheromones", etc HAHAHA). Well, I still care for her.

Just look at her :))

Makes me wonder why the term "cat lady" is derogatory, hmmm


  1. Why do cats seem more photogenic than humans? @_@ haha.

    1. must be the fur :| you wanna grow some fur too? :))

  2. Funny Nat Geo t-shirt! :)
    And welcome back to blogging, long time no blog post! :)

  3. hihi, it's one of my favorite shirts.
    Yep, thanks HAHAHA I'm so busy I haven't been writing/reading blogs. I don't even go online anymore (other than for work email).

  4. For your amusement, meet Henri the existential cat:

    1. Hi TCF, HAHAHAHAHA henri is such a qt. Maybe he's just experiencing a cat life crisi. HAHAHA, thanks!


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