September 16, 2012

Vanity post: Magazine Break

"Everyone is vain, the manifestations just differ" - Sir Chong (Audio-visual class)
Chos. HAHAHA, the said quotation is just my pretentious way of justifying this post. Anyway, 2 or 3 years ago, I joined the Cosplay Snapshot Project. However, I totally forgot that I did, and just 2 weeks ago, I met with my friend who showed me a copy of the project. Here!

That Killua cosplayer is my best friend :)

And here, look!

hihi, I made it to the first page of the Cosplay Snapshot Project. So yeah, that was me (2 or 3 years ago) as Kororo from Shaman King.

All right, on to my next pseudo magazine break, hihi.

Communique: UP Manila Organizational Communication's online magazine

Yay! As you can see, I made it to the cover page! BUT this was more of a coincidence because the photo was not an official photo (noticed the photo's inferior quality?) It just happened that the layout editor and editor in chief took a liking in my so close meme imitation during our graduation ceremonies.

So that's that! Sorry for taking 5 minutes of your life that will never come back. HAHAHA


  1. Pinsan pa link naman neto salamat! -Joed

    1. Sure, will post in my blogroll :)) naks, blager na, foodie pa :D bagong trip insan a!

    2. Papalit pala, eto nalang ilink mo -

      Haha, part siya ng requirement ng course namen, at mukang ma-eenjoy ko malamang ituloy ko kahit matapos na course haha. Tama, bagong trip narin haha.

    3. page rank 2 na yung blog mo eh, mas madali ata mase-search yung mga bagong gawang blog kung may links na galing sa matatatag na site na.

    4. Changed na insan, lalala.
      Good luck, will read your posts once may time na ko :)

  2. I like the variety of topics on your blog. Keep it up. :)

    Whatever Eva


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